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<img src="PADDY COONEY’S ARMY …….
Not since the earliest days of the State has the role of the Irish Army (sic) been under such intense scrutiny . And not since the war years has it had such a forceful political master as
Patrick Mark Cooney .
From ‘The Phoenix’ magazine , 3 February 1984 .

It was as Fine Gael spokesman on Justice that Paddy Cooney uttered those immortal words that few now will credit as having emanated from the mouth of the man speaking on the Offences Against the State (Amendment) Bill , which allowed for a statement of belief by a Garda Chief Superintendent that a person was a member of an ‘illegal organisation’ to be adduced in ‘evidence’ , Cooney said

” … can he (the State Minister for Justice) come into this Parliament (ie Leinster House) and ask it to support a Bill the like of which can only be found on the statute books of South Africa ? There is a limit to the measures a democracy is entitled to adopt in order to protect itself , and that limit is exceeded in this bill . It is repugnant to the basic principles of justice and liberty . ” In one short speech , Paddy Cooney had become ‘the Great White Liberal Hope of the Seventies’ !

Less than three months later Paddy Cooney was appointed (FS) Minister for Justice by the incoming Fine Gael/Labour coalition administration , largely as a concession to the ‘liberal wing’ of the party ! Only then did the people discover the real Paddy Cooney…….

<img src="SHOOT TO KILL …….
The unchanging face of repression .
PETER HAYES examines reactions to the latest shoot-to-kill deaths .
From ‘IRIS’ magazine , March 1983.

The text of the press communique issued by the Catholic bishops after their two-day conference read as follows “… became clear that far more attention should be paid to voices of moderation in all sections of the Northern Ireland (sic) community . ” This was clear in its call for acceptance of the status quo in the North of Ireland , including the RUC and their shoot-to-kill tactics , and was absolute in its rejection of those who daily experience that status quo , and that ‘moderation’ , and all the poverty , repression and death it entails .

The reaction of loyalists has been as predictable as that of the SDLP and the Catholic hierarchy , the shoot-to-kill policy answering the demands they have continually made for SAS-style assassination campaigns . Orange Order leader Thomas Passmore said –

” I call upon the (British) Secretary of State to remove the political shackles from our security forces . It is now high time for a review of the whole ‘yellow card’ procedure… , while DUP leader Ian Paisley called for shoot-to-kill actions to be ” ….repeated across the province. ” But whether Paisley or other anti-Republicans spoke in favour of it or not , the Westminster shoot-to-kill policy was nothing new to Northern nationalists…….

From ‘The Phoenix’ magazine , October 1985 .

In late 1972 , Eoghan Harris wrote an unsigned article in the ‘United Irishman’ newspaper entitled – ” What Is Imperialism? ” , one of the most lucid expositions ever penned of the classic anti-imperialist position in Ireland . Two years later he wrote a document , ‘ From Civil Rights To Class Politics’ , which argued that the Sunningdale Agreement had solved the civil-rights question * and that it was now time to polarise Irish workers against Irish capitalism . ( * ‘1169…’ Comment – as far as Irish republicans are concerned , the “question” regarding British jurisdiction over any part of this isle has nothing to do with “civil rights” . It is not , as Republican Sinn Fein has repeatedly stated , a case of saying to Westminster ‘stay if you want , just treat us better…’ . However – those that fumble in the greasy till , for Sterling or Euro , would accept a so-called “civil rights” ‘solution’ . Irish republicans , on the other hand , are aware that such a ‘solution’ would simply postpone the conflict and curse future generations into dealing with this same issue .)

In 1977 , Eoghan Harris co-authored ‘The Irish Industrial Revolution’ in which he argued that Irish under-development was the result , not of British suppression , but of the unwillingness of Irish capitalists to industrialise . The more orthodox marxists of the Communist Party of Ireland tore this thesis to shreds in a pamphlet issued in reply , but it remained the theoretical guideline of the Workers Party until recently . The result of this approach is to identify virtually all things ethnic as ‘reactionary’ and ‘obscurantist’ : thus , Harris would see Irish republican ideology , the Catholic Church and rural “backwardness” as the three pillars of reaction in Ireland today .

In this scenario , foreign multinational company’s are the agency of industrialisation and therefore , ultimately , the creators of a strong industrial working class . That such an ideology should pass itself off as ‘marxist’ is a reflection on the dearth of a marxist tradition in Ireland rather than a tribute to Eoghan Harris as a ‘socialist theoretician’ – but the Workers Party loved it …….

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