They haven’t gone away , ya know…

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…they live in fine big houses but work in a sleezy establishment; they rule over a brow-beaten and morally-exhausted populace yet produce nothing of any value themselves; and , although already wealthy, they will rob from their own kind should the opportunity arise.
They may be off our screens for nowon an extended holidaybut they’ll be back…….


About 11sixtynine

A mother of three and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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2 Responses to They haven’t gone away , ya know…

  1. Anthony O Brien says:

    Liam O Rourke who was held in the Curragh Camp in the
    fifties was my brother in law. He was was arrested in the wicklow mountains with a gun found on him. He only
    passed away last year.

  2. Hi Anthony !
    May he Rest In Peace .
    I wonder how he felt about the political goings-on of today , especially in relation to the Six County issue ?
    Thanks for your comment – much appreciated!

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