Irish ‘Lord’ and anti-Republicanism.

BY JOVE ! It’s just not cricket…

an ex-student-prince type , who would like to consider himself as ‘The Rt Hon Christopher Smooth, Minister for Public Concern’ attempted , on Monday 30 July last , to dismiss this blog as having “monocular vision” because we “reveal the horrors British imperialists impose…” .

‘Lord Smooth’ stated – “…1169 and Counting seem unrelentingly to use “Protestant” as a pejorative…” which , as regular readers will know , is not the case ( in actual fact , we hold all religions in equal contempt !) . We have , however , employed the sicut ‘(sic)’ when , in our opinion , the unwarranted use of the term ‘Catholic’ or ‘Protestant’ was used in a piece we were quoting from , and , on this occasion ,it is this which has confused ‘Lord Smooth’ ie he stated that , on the occasion he referred too , we only used the term ‘(sic)’ because ‘it was in the original [article]…’ : it wasn’t . We ourselves put it there because the article in question referred to a certain political organisation which was beginning , in the opinion as stated in the article , to obtain “… a small but growing new Protestant membership…” – we inserted the term ‘(sic)’ after the particular religion mentioned ; it was not in the original article , as ‘Lord Smooth’ stated , as can be verified from this photograph (left-click to enlarge : the sentence in question is the last one in the marked paragraph)

<img src="

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A mother of three and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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