This Manifesto was posted throughout Occupied Ireland during the week beginning December 6 , 1957 , and ending on December 12 .
‘The United Irishman’ newspaper, January 1958 .

” The Protestants of Occupied Ireland are thinking for themselves . They know that Irish Republicanism was born among them 167 years ago . They know that Protestant Ireland – and Protestant Ulster especially – has given some of her best sons to the cause of Irish Republicanism . They know that only in a truly Republican Ireland will equal rights and equal opportunities for all our citizens be assured , the memory of all past dissentions be abolished , and the common name of Irishman be substituted in place of the designations ‘Protestant , Catholic and Dissenter’ .

This Republican faith is not dead among them . They will yet return to the allegiance of Tone and Emmet, Mitchel and Davis, Orr and McCracken. The lies of those who stand to gain most by the British Imperial tie will then be exposed. The Irish people will then be united for the welfare of their country and the prosperity of the nation . God speed the day !

We must recover for the Irish people possession of the natural resources of our country. We must secure for the Irish people democracy , unity and sovereignty……. “


Feminists and anti-imperialists in Ireland have often regarded each other’s struggles with misunderstanding , mutual suspicion , and sometimes outright rejection . What then is the relationship between them ? Eibhlin Ni Gabhann surveys the emergence of women’s liberation groups in Belfast and Dublin over the past decade or so , and some of the questions they have faced .
From ‘IRIS’ magazine , November 1983.

One founding member of the ‘Irish Women United’ group recalls : ” A major problem in IWU was the issue of the North . Some women were members of anti-imperialist organisations , but others didn’t want to hear about any struggle other than our own . Historically , the reasons for this are quite apparent and indeed valid – republicans had , like all other men , written women out of history . Anne Devlin had been relegated to the position of Robert Emmet’s girlfriend – no mention of her part in the organisation of the 1803 Rising.

The militant and radical Ladies Land League, led by Anna Parnell, was disbanded and made out to be just a ‘stand-in’ while Charles Stewart Parnell was in jail . How many ‘heart-broken sweethearts , widows or sisters’ were activists ?

More recently , some republicans had been prepared to use the suffragettes, and support the women’s right to vote , while others felt it was too trival to even discuss . Republicans had dismissed the suffragette hunger-strike as ‘a very womanish thing to do’…….! ”


Known members of
the INLA were recruited to carry out a forced eviction of tenants in a Dublin house.
By Liz Walsh.
From ‘MAGILL’magazine, June 1998 .

Gary Adams , from County Antrim , has one previous conviction for armed robbery in the South . Last year (1997) he gave the oration at the graveside of Johnny Morris, the young INLA man from Tallaght who was shot dead by gardai in an abortive robbery at Goldenbridge in Inchicore , Dublin .

Gary Adams and Damien Bond (31) of Doolargy Avenue , Dundalk , County Louth , were charged with INLA membership and intimidation at Oaktree Drive on August 1 , 1996 . The State later dropped the membership charge in return for both men pleading guilty to intimidation . Thomas Murray (25) of Marion Park , Dundalk , and Bart O’ Connor (60) of Whitethorn Close , Beaumont , Dublin , were charged with intimidation , although the charge against Bond was later dropped .

The DPP recommended that no charge be brought against Thomas Gear.

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