A pamphlet has just been published on this very subject, by the Very Rev. P. Malone, P.P., V.F., of Belmullet, co. Mayo, and in this he says: “I have seen the son, standing upon the deck of the emigrant ship, divest himself of his only coat, and place it upon his father’s shoulders, saying, ‘Father, take you this; I will soon earn the price of a coat in the land I am going to.’
Such instances, which might be recorded by the hundred, and the amount of money sent to Ireland by emigrants for the support of aged parents, and to pay the passage out of younger members of the family, are the best refutation of the old falsehood that Irishmen are either idle or improvident…..
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We are endeavoring to re-build an Island nation which will be proud to remember its past , and determined to ensure that that island nation will be free of the savagery inflicted on it over the centuries . Your assistance would be appreciated….
Go raibh máith agat.

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A mother of three and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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2 Responses to PAST AND FUTURE….

  1. Tonj says:

    I’m proud to say My father is Canice O’Kane originally from Drumsurn. I’d love to read more history on what our parents lived through and fought for. Thank you

    • 11sixtynine says:

      Hi Tonj!
      Thank you for dropping in and for the kind comment – much appreciated!
      We can only cover small ‘bits and pieces’ of our history here, such is the amount of material that is available, but we do our best – glad that you found something of interest to you.
      Thanks again,

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