LIAM MELLOWS statue ,Eyre Square, Galway.

Over the last few days a ‘war of words’, of sorts , has been entered into by Irish Republicans , who rightly objected to the mis-use of the above Commemorative statue by “an alliance of community action groups and individuals” calling themselves the ‘Galway Alliance Against War’ : this group stated their intention to dress the Mellows statue in an “orange boiler suit”, an action which , as stated , Irish republicans objected to. A Mr Niall Farrell, representing that group , stated, in a post on ‘Indymedia’ which he filled with other equally-nonsensical ramblings of a nature one would expect from a bitter spoilt child – “I have a sneaking suspicion that RSF particularly didn’t like the colour of the boiler suit – orange. And I jest not.”
The man is , in my opinion, a political clown , hell-bent on making a reputation for himself at any cost, and at any cost to whichever organisation he latches on to. He runs the risk of ‘burning bridges’ that he , himself , put no effort into assembling and , if left unchecked by his own people , will eventually destroy the solidarity which exists between Irish republicans and , in this instance , the overall ‘Alliance Against War’ organisation . He is a liability to any non-establishment organisation and his cheap publicity stunt has , in my opinion , the potential to seriously damage relations between progressive groups who share a somewhat common goal. By then , of course , the Farrell’s of that group will have moved on , perhaps to wreck havoc in other organisations or , more likely , to nestle their useless arse in a cosy seat in Leinster House .
Myself and other republicans have marched with , and supported , ‘Alliance Against War’ groups in Dublin many times – indeed , we often assembled with them at the Garden Of Remembrance in Dublin’s Parnell Square . However , there was never any attempt by the Dublin group to ‘dress-up’ any of the statues in that fine venue . It seems that the Dublin group are not as easily mis-lead by Farrell and his likes . What next – a spray-paint job on the Republican Plot in Glasnevin ?

Also- a person calling him/herself ‘Dunlo’ (not Tom Dunloe,I hope?) , representing the ‘Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign’ dismissed RSF’s objection to the ‘Boiler Suit Stunt’ as an objection showing “the ugly, aggressive, racist presence of RSF….these troglodytes, these Spinal Taps of republicanism… “ etc etc. I can only hope that this ‘Dunlo’ character will be pulled-up – at the very least – by his own people , for his politically ignorant comments . ‘Dunlo’ and Mr Farrell share at least one common trait that most organism’s of that nature possess : the further away the war and the injustices that flow from that war , the more likely they are to campaign for a just solution . However – the equally important injustice 90 miles up the road is dismissed as ‘a terrorist campaign’.
Wrap yourselves in an orange boiler suit , ‘Dunlo’ and Farrell . But check the garment twice – it might contain a green and white stripe and thus render itself unwearable to both of you.


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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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  1. niall farrell says:

    My attention has just been drawn to your comments. for the record, Sharon dear, rsf have never shown their faces at any of our meetings or public events over the past 6 years of the group’s existence. So please don’t talk of burning bridges. it has been suggested that one of ruairi’s son’s involvement in the military industrial complex thro his company CTL might be a reason. as for liam mellows’ statue: neither you in rsf or the corrupt bunch in ff have any monopoly over the statue or the legacy of the man himself. knowing the history of rsf it does not surprise me that you couldnt grasp the political message we were trying to make. also, after nearly 40 years of political activity i do not have any intention of moving on to leinster house – i’m quite happy where i am. finally, just because you have republican as part of your title doesn’t mean you are one and i am not. it is a term that can include you, me and even my dead sister Vol. Mairead Farrell.
    niall farrell

  2. Hi Niall,Dear !

    “for the record, Sharon dear, rsf have never shown their faces at any of our meetings or public events over the past 6 years of the group’s existence.”
    – In the post in question I specifically referred to ‘the overall ‘Alliance Against War’ organisation…’ and ‘‘Alliance Against War’ groups ‘ : please note my use of the words ‘overall’ and ‘groups’. You are attempting to construct a strawman argument ie ‘pick a fight’ with something I never said in the first place , and the reason you try to do so is because you cannot refute that which I did say .

    And what has R.O’B’s son got to do with RSF decisions , anymore than my children would have or the sons/daughters of any member of RSF ?

    Re Mellows statue – your own supporters have , since Jan 26 last [the day of your ill-conceived protest] voiced their intention to ‘dress Mellows up in the colour of [mobile phone company] Meteor ie Orange ‘ in the near future . Yes , Niall – a great political act that would be, indeed ! Your cheap and disgusting publicity stunt badly backfired on you, and you and yours are now floundering-around seeking to blame others for the self-inflicted mishap you suffered . As I stated in the post in question , your Dublin colleagues never attempted to dress-up the republican monuments in the Garden of Remembrance or Glasnevin Cemetery – obviously because they have a more politically responsible leadership. Don’t blame us for your folly.
    And I was waiting for you to invoke the name of your dead sister , Mairead : I had been told to expect such a move , as you are known to trade – yes , Niall – ‘trade’ – on her name and stature . Shame on you .
    However , if you really want to make that connection , may I suggest you ‘dress-up’ Mairead’s memorial in ‘the colours of Meteor’ and , in doing so , pretend to be making a political statement rather than that which you would really be doing ie seeking more cheap publicity . Mairead was executed , by Westminster , on foreign soil, whilst prosecuting her part in the Irish struggle. A struggle you turned your back on . Use her memorial , Niall , as you attempted to use the statue of Mellows . You probably wouldn’t see anything wrong in doing so, either.
    Your own supporters , writing on ‘Indymedia’ , have proudly stated that they – ” ..tend to not just care about minor historical injustices carried out in this country “ . You have apparently ‘educated’ those people re conflicts in other countries but – purposely? – left them politically ignorant regarding ‘the elephant in the corner’ ie our own struggle.
    You hypocrite.


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