…and we’re back . From New York , that is…. !

Well , that’s not strictly true : John stayed in Dublin , catching-up with other things , and ‘Junior’ spent most(some?) of the time studying for his college exams . Myself and three of the girlfriends jetted off to New York for a week-long party….


…mixing sport…..

…with a few bottles of cider…..

…and then going shopping again !

The ‘Transportation Security Administration’ branch of the ‘ U S Department Of Homeland Security’ said ‘Hello’ to me as they ‘borrowed’ a suitcase padlock from me and ‘re-arranged’ one of my suitcases but , apart from that and the 5-hour time difference between Ireland and New York and the 7-hour airplane journey to get there (and another seven hours to get back!) and really missing the kids , it was a brilliant holiday!

But we’re back now , and the usual ‘three-in-one’ blog post will be published tomorrow (Wednesday May 14th) , probably a little later than usual ,as I’m still a wee bit jet-lagged . No , I tell a lie . I have sooooooo many new clothes to try-on that I just know I’m gonna be late with the post…..


About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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