The annual CABHAIR Testimonial Dinner was held last night (Saturday May 17th 2008) in ‘The Royal Dublin Hotel’ in O’ Connell Street , Dublin , and was a fantastic success : every seat (over 100 of them!) was taken and , indeed , several late-comers would have had to stand for the night were it not for the organisational skills of the hotel management and staff , who went out of their way to accommodate this over-subscribed event .
The CABHAIR organisation is a charitable group solely dependant on public subscriptions and its aim is to help alleviate some of the suffering of the families of Irish republican prisoners . The organisation supports republican prisoners who do not receive assistance from any other body , and can be contacted at
223 Parnell Street , Dublin 1 , ‘phone 01-8729747 / fax 01-8729757 and e-mail: .
This year , as usual , five life-long Irish Republicans were honoured for the service they have given to the Cause of Irish Freedom :
Seamus Murphy , Leinster / Paddy White , Ulster / Micheál Ó Ceallaigh , Connacht / Liam Heaphy , Munster and Thomas Coyne Hosie , USA . These are the people who give us our past – veteran Republicans that we pay tribute to : the people that , like those that went before them , carry the torch of resistance and who have courageously maintained our Irish Republican tradition . Their experiences , their sacrifices and their example inspires us to follow their path . Éire Saor agus Gaelach – Tiocfaidh Ar La !
We publish with this post a few photographs from the event last night – other photographs and a proper report will be carried in the June 2008 issue of ‘Saoirse’ :

CABHAIR Testimonial brochure and Dinner ticket.

A section of the crowd .

CABHAIR Testimonial ‘shop’ .

The five CABHAIR Honouree plaques.

CABHAIR decorative tapestries .

CABHAIR Testimonial flag display.

Continuity not compromise!

Some of the CABHAIR raffle prizes.

POW craft .

A close-up view of one of the five CABHAIR Testimonial Plaques.

As stated : a proper report and more photographs will be carried in the June 2008 issue of ‘SAOIRSE’ , the monthly newspaper of the Republican Movement.

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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