Mayo Republican Dan Hoban delivering the main oration at Bodenstown , 15 June 2008.

RSF Wreath laid in Bodenstown Graveyard yesterday , Sunday 15 June 2008.

As promised yesterday in our post ,today we publish a few more photographs from the Republican Sinn Féin-organised Wolfe Tone Commemoration which was held yesterday in Sallins , County Kildare: out thanks to our colleagues in Cork for helping us with the collection of these pictures . Incidentally , our Cork friends have asked us to mention that when they alighted in Heuston Station in Dublin from the Cork train at around lunch-time they were almost immediately surrounded by a group of Special Branch operatives , who proceeded to question and harass them . When the Dublin bus arrived , as arranged , to collect the Corkonians these Branch men , ignoring their friends in the two-car convoy that was accompanying said bus , entered the vehicle and proceeded to attempt to intimidate the driver and passengers . However , after a few minutes they realised that their intimidatory tactic was having no effect on those present and , copping-on to the fact that the sooner they leave the city limits the sooner they could claim ‘country expenses’ , they piled back into their own vehicle and joined the mini-convoy to Kildare! So , readers – beware when driving past busy train stations . The pollution level is high…..

Republican Band entering Bodenstown Graveyard.

London Republicans in Bodenstown , 15 June 2008.

Kilkenny Republicans in Bodenstown , 15 June 2008.

RSF Wreath at the Tone Memorial Stone , Bodenstown.

“Wouldn’t miss it for anything…” :a solid Republican in Bodenstown , 15 June 2008.

The front of the Speakers plinth , Bodenstown.

” In Bodenstown Graveyard…” : photo taken on Sunday 15 June 2008 , at the back of the main Wolfe Tone platform , Bodenstown Graveyard.

That’s it for now : see ye on Wednesday , as usual!

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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