UPDATE ON RAFFLE , SUNDAY EVENING 14th SEPTEMBER 2008: All went well, as planned! The full compliment of tickets was sold, but we only had one ‘in-house’ winner (congrats Alyce , and Tony B. , for having sold her the ticket!) and , already , all 600 tickets for the October raffle (for CABHAIR) have been distributed. Today’s winning numbers were 482, 242, 109, 626, 269, 97, 136 and 145. The reason why tickets are sometimes numbered over the 600 figure is due to the fact that some ticket sellers have their tickets removed from them by the political police and ‘new/replacement’ tickets,numbered from 601 to 6–, are put in in there place.
The extra prize of the wood-burn Portlaoise plaque could have been sold many times in the pub for at least €50 , but was not: instead , as intended, it was raffled in a separate
(free) draw and was won by one of three locals who had just dropped-in to the Club for a game of pool/snooker! The same crew of Republicans that run this monthly raffle for the Movement are now in the process of helping to finalise arrangements for the next event – the Annual Eve Of All-Ireland Rally. Hope to see you there!


Since the mid-1970’s , a dedicated group of Irish Republicans in the Dublin South-West/Mid-West area of Dublin have held a monthly raffle , on the second Sunday of each month : approximately 600 tickets are sold each month by this dedicated team , and the money made from one raffle is given to the Dublin Comhairle (‘Executive’) of Republican Sinn Fein whilst the money made from the next such monthly raffle is handed-over to the CABHAIR organisation .

Over €400 is handed-out as prize money in each raffle –

– and , occasionally , extra prizes are included , with no increase in ticket price : the Sunday 14th September 2008 raffle , for instance , will include an extra prize of a wood-burn plywood print , which was made this year in Portlaoise Gaol by Republican prisoners –

– so : this wee blog would like to say a big ‘Go raibh maith agaibh!’ to all concerned in this long-standing fund raiser – between ye all , you have helped pay the bills in Head Office and take some of the pressure off the families of imprisoned Republicans.
Thank you all for that !

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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