“Health cuts hurt the old, the sick and the handicapped…”

Over 20 years ago , the now main party in the State Administration, Fianna Fail, entered into a General Election campaign using the slogan ‘Health Cuts Hurt The Old, The Sick And The Handicapped’ . The majority of the voters didn’t know it then , but that was more than a mere slogan – it was an (unstated) intention that Fianna Fail intended to prove. And, unfortunately, they’re still chipping away at what remains of the so-called ‘Health Service’ in this State :
“It was reported earlier this year that there are at least 139,000 on outpatient lists at present, with some patients waiting up to eight years for an appointment…”
(From here, more here.)

Mary Harney , Millionaire State Minister for Health in the current Leinster House administration.

Recently a new facility was built inside Leinster House – a sweet shop. At a cost of €1.3 million it is said to have cost more per square metre than a fully equipped operating theatre for a hospital. One set of curtains purchased by taxpayers money to be used in the refurbished office of the Leinster House Chairperson cost €11,000 ; the curtains were supplied by the same firm that decorates the Palace of Versailles!

Protest! Object! Complain!
A trade union-organised protest march over the useless health service will be held in Dublin on Saturday 11th October next : those attending are asked to assemble at the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square at 2pm.
‘Health Cuts Hurt The Old, The Sick And The Handicapped’ – don’t wait until those health cuts have the potential to hurt you : take to the streets with us on October 11th next – it may well only be a small step , but even that can be enough to crush the political maggots with sticky hands which they clean on curtains bought by the taxpayer…

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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