104th (R)SF Ard Fheis , 8-9th November 2008.

104th Ard Fheis of Republican Sinn Féin , 8-9th November 2008.

Some pics from the opening session of the 104th Ard Fheis of Republican Sinn Féin , which is being held in a Dublin city-centre venue over this weekend , Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November 2008. I’ll have to let the pics speak for themselves as I’m trying to help organise one of these as well as doing a wee bit at the Ard Fheis . Much too busy to tell you of the large crowd present , the extra helpers needed at the Book-In table and the extra people roped-in to work the Ard Fheis shop . You’ll just have to make do with these few pics for now!

The above two pics were taken within a half hour of the opening of the Ard Fheis.

‘British Withdrawal’ Banner .

‘Eire Nua’ Banner .

‘Hunger Strikers’ Banner.

‘ILPS’ Banner.

‘Unbroken Continuity’ Banner .

CABHAIR 2008 Swim Leaflet.

Ard Fheis Shop items.

Shop items.

Ard Fheis Shop items .

And finally…
….one of the Special Branch cars used by the State to spy on the proceedings of this Ard Fheis . That red car was parked in a side lane beneath a fire escape landing used by those stepping-out of the Ard Fheis hall for a cigarette : it is believed an on-board camera was monitoring those on the landing as they had their smoke . Also , note the absence of insurance , tax and/or NCT discs ; State cut-backs , perhaps…
That’s all for now – back to the monthly raffle work for me !

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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4 Responses to 104th (R)SF Ard Fheis , 8-9th November 2008.

  1. Danny says:


    These are certainly interesting times for republicans opposed to the GFA.

    Do you know if the Ard Comhairle of Republican Sinn Féin acknowledge that Sinn Féin in 1905 was a party founded with an explicitly non-Republican goal? The party only committed itself to the establishment of a Republic in 1917. Before that it proposed a dual monarchy system.

    This isn’t a swipe, I’m just curious as to why they claim continuity all the way back to 1905, as opposed to 1917.

    Could you also correct the ‘Eire[sic] Nua’ typo?

    Éire Nua.

    – Danny

  2. Hi Danny !

    “These are certainly interesting times for republicans opposed to the GFA.”
    There is a lot more to RSF than just opposition to any failed so-called ‘peace agreement’ , as I’m sure you know?

    Re your ‘1905/1917’ comment : there are two schools of thought in relation to that issue – ‘Contrary to the perception which has been advanced by some that Sinn Féin in its first years was not Republican in character but rather sought a limited form of Home Rule on the dual monarchist model, Brian O’Higgins, a founding member of Sinn Féin, who took part in the 1916 Rising, and was a member of the First and Second Dáil, remaining a steadfast Republican up to his death in 1962, had this to say in his Wolfe Tone Annual of 1949: “It is often sought to be shown that the organisation set up in 1905 was not Republican in form or spirit, that it only became so in 1917; but this is an erroneous idea, and is not borne out by the truths of history. Anyone who goes to the trouble of reading its brief constitution will see that its object was ‘the re-establishment of the independence of Ireland.’ The Constitution of Sinn Féin in 1905, and certainly the spirit of it, was at least as clearly separatist as was the constitution of Sinn Féin in and after 1917, no matter what private opinion regarding the British Crown may have been held by Arthur Griffith.” ‘

    Re ‘Éire Nua’ : it gets kinda busy around here , Danny , but we do our best . Thanks for the comments.

  3. John, Belfast says:

    keep it goin with ya’s all da way.

  4. Hi John !
    Thanks for the visit – and the comment .
    Nice to know we’re being ‘received’ in the Belly of The Beast !
    Thanks again ,

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