VOTE ‘NO’ to Lisbon Two!

In December 2008 – 6 months after the majority of those that voted in this State on the ‘Lisbon 1’ treaty had voted ‘NO’ , a conference was held in Brussels at which EU business representatives and the political leadership of the EU queried reps from Leinster House as to ‘how we had lost’ ; Micheál Martin and Dick Roche (who, in monetary and property terms, are both millionaires) explained , cap-in-hand , that they would need permission from their bosses in Brussels that it would be ok for them to return to Dublin and (falsely) claim that they fought tooth-and-nail to obtain ‘a better Lisbon treaty’ to put before the electorate in this State . Permission was granted.

When they arrived back in Dublin , Micheál Martin declared – ” We will not be asking people to vote on the same proposition “ and his political accomplice, Dick Roche, stated – ” Our partners understand , I believe, that we cannot and will not put the same package to our people.” However , those comments backfired on the Dastardly Duo : the political leadership in other EU member States became uneasy that the voters in this State were apparently being offered a better deal than they themselves got – the political bosses in Poland , Holland , Austria , Sweden and Britain “raised issues about the (‘new’) protocol text relating to a belief that the Irish guarantees [SIC] amount , in effect , to a new treaty” (‘Irish Mail On Sunday’ newspaper , 14 June 2009) .

The unhappy political leadership in those countries demanded , and got, a meeting with the EU Presidents Office in Brussels and loudly demanded to know what exactly was going on in relation to the so-called ‘new Irish Lisbon treaty’ and were assured by the fattest of all fat-cats in the EU that the two Dublin reps , Martin and Roche , had simply practically begged to be allowed to re-sell the old Lisbon treaty as ‘a new and improved’ version and that permission had been granted for them to do so. The political (mini) fat-cats from Poland , Holland , Austria , Sweden and Britain replied that such private assurances from Brussels re the Irish situation were worthless unless made public ; the EU Presidents Office then issued the following , short, statement , in relation to ‘the Irish situation’ “The text of the guarantees (given to the Irish) explicity states that the Lisbon treaty is not changed thereby “ (‘Sunday Tribune’ newspaper , 28 June 2009) , which was a follow-up statement to that issued on 19 June 2009 by Jan Fischer , the President of the Czech Statistical Office , who stated – “The protocol (‘changes’) will clarify but not change either the context or the application of the treaty of Lisbon . It is an explanatory clarifying text which changes not a dot nor comma of the Lisbon treaty.”

It is obvious that an underhanded attempt is being made by underhanded politicians to ‘sell’ us the equivalent of ‘snake oil medicine’ : those demanding that we should vote ‘YES’ to Lisbon 2 are people of low calibre , with a matching set of political morals . Let’s show them – by voting ‘NO’ to Lisbon Two in October 2009 – that we are better than they are!

“Ní hea, No, Nein, Non, Nyet, Nope, Not, No Means No …”
What part of that don’t they understand ?

On Thursday , 12th June 2008 , a vote was held in this State on the Lisbon Constitution/Treaty : for months beforehand we were repeatedly told by the political ‘establishment’ in Leinster House that that what we were being asked to vote on was “non-negotiable” , that we had to vote on it as it then stood , that it was legally impossible to have anything removed from it or inserted into it. Now that same political ‘establishment’ are asking us to believe that not only was it possible to change that Treaty , but that they had managed to do so to the “benefit” of this State’s position within the EU !
However – Czech prime minister Jan Fischer, who chaired a meeting on the supposed ‘new Irish Lisbon Treaty’ (as his country presently holds the EU presidency) was questioned (on Friday 19th June 2009) on these ‘Irish changes’ and dismissed them as nothing of the sort : “The protocol (“changes”) will clarify but not change either the content or the application of the treaty of Lisbon. It is an explanatory clarifying text which changes not a dot nor comma of the Lisbon Treaty.”
What has actually been ‘achieved’ by those idiots in Leinster House is a promise (“guarantee”) from the bigger political fatcats in Brussels that , at some time in the future, they might look at making a few amendments to the way the Lisbon Two Treaty affects this State! And Brian Cowan and his equally useless cabal of semi-political misfits were never going to get “changes to the Lisbon Treaty” due to the fact that Poland , Holland , Austria , Sweden and Britain used their combined ‘weight’ to ‘lean’ on Brussels , stating that if the Irish were to be offered a new Treaty then they , too , would expect the same offer to be made to them – so a compromise was agreed : Brussels would allow Cowan to claim that a “new Treaty” for the Irish was on offer but , at the same time , made it clear to Cowan that what they were offering was a promise that , if passed this time, they would perhaps – at some future date – take a look at the manner in which the Treaty affected this State. And please have no doubt that that is all that is on offer here – a promise from corrupt millionaire politicians in Brussels that they will , someday , give a curious glance over their well-padded shoulder at the way their tax laws are effecting finances in this State.

Don’t be fooled by them – VOTE NO TO LISBON 2 in October 2009 .

“The meeting and dinner heard how Ireland’s “intellectual mediocrity and lack of political courage” led to the rejection of the Lisbon treaty and included discussions of how to “cuddle and pamper” the Irish voter ahead of a new vote while at the same time “making pressures on them”.
(From here.)

This video gives an apt description of the type of morally and politically corrupt politician and system that are now demanding we vote ‘the right way’ on the already failed Lisbon Treaty. And this video shows what those bent career politicians stand to loose if we don’t vote the way they want us to . As Republican Sinn Féin have stated – “The decision to re-run the referendum on the rejected Lisbon Treaty in the 26-Counties next October represents an attempt to subvert the sovereign will of the people.All kinds of pressure is being applied to those allowed to vote to ensure that they arrive at the result Brian Cowen and the EU ‘élite’ demand…..”
(From here.)
Once again, this blog will be campaigning for a ‘NO’ vote on the Lisbon Treaty , for the same reasons : the “guarantees” which Brian Cowen has received have been given to him by similar unprincipled characters and , even if they were to be written in blood , would still be worthless . VOTE ‘NO!’ and help keep the lifts and corridors of the EU building free of more political rats , who scurry around trying to find the ‘Sign In’ book before they head back home to the political brothels they come from .

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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  1. Concerned citizen says:

    The mainstream media are lying.
    i) Nobody mentioned the outlandish behaviour of Brian Crowley (a life long admirer of CJ Haughey), in Prague. Here is the link. Read for yourself as Crowley tries to boast about his father’s exploits ‘all his life’ ‘fighting the British’. Not very European.
    ii) John Gormless wants to get Deirdre De Burca into an EU job, and De Burca wants it also. Amazingly enough 98% of the electorate of Dublin has already decided that De Burca is useless. But, hey, that never stopped Gormless before.
    iii) Cowen and his muppets are ‘missing’ from public view. In fact they have been ‘missing’ for the last month. Strong smoke and whiskey again ?
    iv) Cowen’s main argument is that the Irish economy is finished and we need a Brussels bailout. This is a rerun of the Maastricht Treaty bribe that Albert Reynolds threw at the Irish people in 1992. Apparently the FF leadership has total faith in this tactic. No mention is ever made of the fact that they screwed up the economy with the help of their mates. In the 1980s it was the beef barons, and Haughey’s effort to buy election victory. Today it is the builders, the bankers (who bankroll IBEC), and Ahern’s efforts to buy election victory.
    v) Once again there will be a lot of class differentiation in this referendum. It will be along the lines of ‘show that you are member of the comfortable classes, by going along with the political establishment’. An emotive campaign.
    vi) RTE/The Irish Times etc.. will all castigate the No campaign by focussing on it’s less desirable side. It will focus on the more ‘reassuring side’ of the yes campaign. Garrett Fitzgerald (another deluded fool) and Pat Cox (who pays his pension might I ask ?) will be rolled out. RTE and the Irish Times both take the view that the political establishment contains far more intelligence than the population at large. I would like to know their explanation for what the political establishment were doing when the banks were borrowing massive amounts of money from abroad and using it to blow up the housing market to ridiculous levels. What use was the political establishment then ? Come to think of it what use was the Irish Times or RTE either ?
    vii) We have celebrities clamouring for everybody to do the trendy thing. [So much for serious assessment of the issues by the electorate]. Even worse, this will affect people’s voting patterns. At least the Yes campaign think it will affect voting campaigns-that is why they engage in this sort of thing.
    viii) We can safely expect the Yes side to spend at least five times as much money as the No side. That includes a lot of tax money. Even though there are insufficient funds to cover essential medical operations for teenage girls, funding will be set aside for telling people that they are not as intelligent on these issues as their politicians.
    ix) Samuel Beckett once lamented that his country has suffered too much foreign interference on her road to her destiny, and cultural emergence. This came from the disconnected rulemakers in ‘the two cities of WestMinster, and Rome’. We can now add Brussels to the list. In each case there was an elite in Ireland, who were very happen to do the biding of the foreign city, for their own benefit.
    x) Does anybody get the effect that our soveriegnty is already a joke ? A bunch of alcoholics, and pretenders in Kildare Street. The media is hiding the truth about these fools. But there are rumours all over Ireland concerning their behaviours.
    xi) Did Bertosconi not have a highly influential part to play on the re-emergence of the failed, rejected EU consitution after it’s steadfast rejection by those serious Europeans the Netherlanders, and the Republican French ? Is this not a final insult from the Ditherer from Drumcondra, who failed to tell the truth to the Tribunal Court, who put his mates in state jobs, who set in train the bankruptcy of the state, and who insults us every day with his musings in the Murdoch wallpaper factory, alongside such important information as Kerry Katona’s spare tyre, and Jordan’s latest relationship bust up ?
    xii) What has happened to the French rejection of the EU constitution, and the Dutch rejection of the EU constitution ? Why were these people not give a chance to reverse their decisions ? Because their political elites decided the issue for them and decided never again to consult their peoples. Democracy has become a joke in Europe. The Danes are banned from having referenda on EU matters, and so are the Swedes. Gordon Brown pushed the Lisbon Treaty through the British Parlaiment within three weeks of the Irish rejection of it making it defacto pointless. Blair did not dare do this after the Netherlands gave it a 60% rejection. We are in a Orwell’s world of “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. There is no rational discussion about democracy – just a bunch of university employees telling us that some issues are much to important to be left to the masses. This is the same intellectual model that prevailed in the Soviet Union before the collapse – just don’t let the proletariat have a say in anything. That stagnated. Europe has been stagnating since 1992.

  2. Hi Concerned Citizen !
    Fáilte Isteach !
    Thank you for the visit , and for the above comment – much appreciated!
    You are in good company here.
    Thanks again ,

  3. Concerned citizen says:

    Comment from Brian Crowley in Prague, 8 December 2008.
    Brian Crowley MEP: “I am from Ireland and I am a member of a party in government. All his life my father fought against the British domination. Many of my relatives lost their lives. That is why I dare to say that the Irish wish for the Lisbon Treaty. It was an insult, Mr Presdent, to me and to the Irish people what you said during your state visit to Ireland.”
    If you check the wikipedia entry on Flor Crowley, you will find some very interesting information.
    1) He was a pro-Haughey supporter.
    2) He was lived from 1934 to 1997. If he was ‘fighting British Domination all his life’ then that makes for a lot of conflicts in a lot of places, Malaya, Borneo, the Falklands, the Gulf War, etc.. A very interesting career. I assume he was fighting the British between as a child-spare him the blushes. But this does not sound very pro-European does it. Actually it sounds more like jingo nationalism. The type of boasting and nonsense that makes a mockery out of rational debate on any issue. One thing is clear – there were no British garrisons in Mallow, Cork city or Bandon when Flor Crowley was growing up. Crowley’s remarks are factually inaccurate, unless he was doing things that would have been in contravention to laws enacted by the Fianna Fail party – of which he was a member. There is an awful lot here that simply does not add up.

    Or, it could be all hogwash. I would say Brian Crowley was talking hogwash. There were no Irish journalists present, and the comment completely missed the Irish media. In fact it was like as if they deliberately ignored it. The only journalists who seem to have been present are the Czechs.

    So there we have it. Crowley is a very close pal of Bertie Ahern. And their mentors were close mates also. And they seem to be both fairly predisposed towards make boastful bravado induced remarks, and keeping away from any sort of intelligent rational discussion. Both seem to very good at directing large well funded election machines in the Tamanny Hall method. And both seem to get an easy time from the media. Ahern because of all the stories about his marriage, and Crowley about his handicap. This is ludicruous. I believe in equality for wheelchair users. And for this reason a paid public representative making up stories in a wheelchair should be given the same introspection and criticism as any other public representative who makes up stories.

    But most interestingly, both seem capable of making up stories that simply do not make any sense whatsoever. And they are never questioned to proved a proper explanation. This type of dishonesty and button pressing is causing the political debate on all issues to descend to a farce.

    The most surprising thing is that Brian Crowley would lie about his own father. What does this tell us about Brian Crowley ? He is living in a bubble of his own ego and ambition. This man needs to get out of his bubble and start getting real with the public. RTE gave his re-election a full thumbs treatment in June. No surprise there.

  4. Chris Sciberras says:

    IRISH VOTING: 2008/2009

    Italy’s Guliano Amato former vice President of the convention that drafted the EU Constitution said that EU leaders deliberately made the treaty unreadable so that the changes would be less noticeable therefore side stepping demands for further referendums.
    The EU Commission deceived and lied to the EU people including the Irish people for years by promoting the EU Charter of Fundamental Human Rights while the EU’s Nazi style police forces of the Dutch, German, Maltese, Irish, Belgium and other EU states were carrying out secret police operations together with Europol to cause the sexual abuse, rape of women and children, to torture people, to harass and cause friction between people practicing their religion, to destroy families and their businesses, to sabotage & destroy people’s jobs & studies in order to cause the death of EU Parliament candidates, police families and members of the public. The EU Commission knowingly for years of these crimes, deliberately ignored the victim’s complaints against the mentioned governments, ignored complaints about the Corrupt EU Courts whom by criminal negligence refused the victims rights to seek criminal justice and left EU government paid criminals to continue with their destructive operations to destroy & murder innocent people. These secret police criminal operations are being ordered and Funded by the EU, using millions of tax payer’s money for more than 12 years. These crimes go totally against the Geneva Convention and The EU Charter of Fundamental Human Rights since they are indictable offences set to destroy families & Business.
    The EU has also issued directives for the privatisation and funding cut backs in the Health, Education, Social services, Transport and Criminal Courts Sectors though out EU states, causing a large number of deaths including large number of suicides as a direct result of Financial cut backs and past Privatisation planning in these sectors, which is clearly against the Geneva Convention and The EU Charter of Fundamental Human Rights Treaty. In Hitler’s Germany and his European concentration camps systems, people were deprived of their basic needs for justice, food, health, education and social needs in order to cause suicide and deaths, which is clearly murdering people. These Hitler style crime systems have been employed by the EU through out the EU right up to this day. There is no hope of stopping these crimes unless the EU courts recognize these crimes.
    The EU Courts and the State Courts including the Irish Courts are continuously denying victims of EU government indictable crimes their rights to seek criminal justice, thus allowing convicted rapist criminals to walk out of the courts with out any jail terms what so ever and handing out light jail terms for execution murders thus causing a major rise in crimes as can be seen in Ireland today. The EU police are refusing to take statements from the raped victims about their attackers. The EU police and MEP criminals have complete immunity from criminal prosecution as per Article 276, Article 434 drafted in the EU constitution, which is against the Geneva Convention. This proves that the EU is set to destroy & murder people and the fact that the EU Courts deliberately ignore indictable victim’s crimes complaints is further testament today that the EU is a new form of Nazi EU as it was in Nazi Germany prior to the outbreak of the II World War.
    The EU is promoting Economic Reforms to its people, while secret systematic Human Rights crimes are being committed and funded by the EU. This is no different to the way Hitler gained power, by promising people Economic and social reforms, than Hitler’s government promoted crimes systems, were German government criminals like doctors, police and military people were destroying and murdering people with full immunity from criminal prosecution from the justice systems, which is exactly what has been happening through out the EU up to today. EU people are being told of Economic benefits of the Lisbon Treaty when major services bills shot up already, EU Privatisation will cost tax payers 30% to 40% more on top of their present taxes, which already cover these public services, so business can make profit while these services will get worse because profit is put before people, just like the UK train services were numerous accidents were caused as a result of privatisation.
    If you vote yes, the Lisbon Treaty will take away what’s left of our Fundamental Human Rights. Approval of the Lisbon Treaty will give the EU a new form Nazi power, which Hitler possessed in Germany. Today in the EU the German and Dutch criminal governments have not given up their Nazi crimes being committed by their police forces which are based on the Nazi systems, despite the criminal complaints filed against these governments by victims who are repeatedly refused their rights to seek justice and ignored. As a result of EU laws & justice systems designed to deny the victims of indictable crimes their rights to seek justice, these crimes are set to get worse with a possible outbreak of a Nuclear Arms race leading to a possible nuclear war, since in the Lisbon Treaty there is a mandate to promote Nuclear energy, a mandate to give the German government double the EU voting power while Irelands vote is halved if the Lisbon Treaty is passed. Germany was responsible for the I World War & II World War, killing millions of people & is given more voting power in the Lisbon Treaty, so they can continue with their criminal operations in the EU while Neutral Ireland & other Countries destroyed by Germany in the World Wars are given less votes and halving what they already have. The Lisbon Treaty is an outright Disgrace to Human Rights and it goes against the Geneva Convention. That is why 95% of the Lisbon Treaty was already voted out by the Dutch and French people in the EU constitution. If the Lisbon Treaty is voted a yes, it will be illegal because 95% of it was already voted out in the EU constitution by Dutch & French voters.
    Voting Yes for the Lisbon Treaty will:
    1: remove further EU referendums, just like all other EU states were illegally refused the right to a referendum for the Lisbon Treaty. Since the Irish Court order issued for a Referendum to be held on the Lisbon Treaty, this is a case law for the rest of the EU. Therefore all EU states have their right for a referendum. But Brussels turned its back from a democratic referendum for neutral EU states. Vote NO to Undemocratic Europe.
    2: transfer managing power to Brussels will render the states powerless. Together with a Nuclear Mandate promotion in the Lisbon Treaty, managed by the EU government with legal criminal immunity, whom couldn’t care less about Human rights crimes, will lead to more Nuclear Reactors in your back yards thus leading to a new Nuclear arms race between the East & West Europe and possible a Nuclear War. Vote NO to War.
    3: alter & deny Charter of Fundamental Human Rights to EU and non EU citizens. Vote NO to Indictable EU crimes.
    4: take workers rights away. Hitler gave the Unions power and than the next day he abolished the Unions. Vote NO.
    5: gives the EU Council chaired by Dutch & German Gov. the right to amend any provision in the Lisbon Treaty in article I.56 with out referendums. What is presently in the Lisbon Treaty can be easily changed with out referendum. Vote NO.
    6: gives new powers to EU police & EU justice to destroy people and block any form of justice for victims. Vote NO .
    7: give unelected EU officials more centralized power to wage war & conscript all EU citizens. Vote NO.
    8: give more tax power to the EU Government to tax Ireland, millions of Euros in hidden tax fines. Vote NO to EU Taxes.

    The Lisbon Treaty is a Treaty that will not allow anymore referendums and take the democratic rights away from the people. This Treaty is the most dangerous document since the II World War and will officially transform the EU into a New Nazi undemocratic power whose officials will have criminal immunity to commit crimes against innocent people. The EU crimes being committed by EU officials and the denial of Justice to EU victims, proves that today the EU is a Nazi Europe. I Voted Yes to the EU joining Referendum because I agreed to the Fundamental Rights and Justice. The EU people are being destroyed while being deprived justice by the EU government. It is the clear intention of the EU to continue to spend millions of Euros to destroy people and give criminal immunity to those who are committing such crimes in the Lisbon Treaty. Therefore I ask the Irish people to stop this Nazi madness and Vote NO to the Lisbon Treaty in respect of millions of EU people who have been denied their right to vote.


    Kind Regards
    Christopher Sciberras
    Maltese Opposition Presidential Candidate.

  5. eurabia cia says:

    YES = The EU dictatorship: Poverty under a brutal police state.:

    They’re going to ask Ireland to vote on Lisbon
    and the EU dictatorship again: Say No again.
    ‘YES’ would make this last day of democracy in Europe, and start of The New world order fascist POLICE state EU.

    The New World Order is going to have its dictatorial way in the end with – or without an Irish “no – and we deserve it for not reacting in due time against the traitors – just said: “Pth! Conspiracy theory!”
    The Lisbon Treaty I. Brainwashed Political Brotherhood Unanimously Keen on Giving up Democracy:

    …corrupt EU now just needs the Lisbon Treaty to bring about its destruction of the last remnant of decency. Therefore, Mr. Barroso now offers 15 million euro to the Irish city of Limerick… if…
    Our only hope to avoid the the disastrous Lisbon Treaty lies with one single man, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the only decent and honest politician left in the EU…
    Vote NO– Save democracy and freedom of speech!


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