So Good They Named It Twice….

Agus Fáilte Abhaile!

…. and we’re back. Already!

Our two-week holiday flew in ; felt more like two days. A group of us girls had been saving our pennies since May ’08 for the holiday , and finally decided in early March ’09 that we had enough put away in the kitty to make the arrangements – so we ended-up , again, in New York and , once again – we had a Ball!

We stayed in a guest-house near Union Square run by an Irish couple and their family , who spoiled us rotten and constantly forgave us our sins as we stumbled home in the not-so-early hours of the morning , the worst for wear and tear (!) and then, after a few hours sleep , a shower and change of clothes and a good breakfast (supper?) we headed-off to conquer another far-flung corner of our host city! As expected when a group of Ladies are holidaying like this , we literally shopped ’till we dropped – each of us brought over one large suitcase containing just one full change of clothes and one empty smaller case which we knew would pass as ‘hand luggage’ and , again as expected, each of us brought home the above pieces of luggage, bursting at the seams, plus a bigger suitcase each.
And even then we had to share two newly-purchased medium-sized suitcases between us!
However – enough already of our tales of woe 😉 : I can publish a few pics here of our travels , but most of our photographic memories are for our eyes only….

Just like the Irish – fighting terrorism for centuries.

One of our 3rd Avenue ‘home-from-homes’ !

One of the dozens of parks we stopped in for a breather – and to plan our next assault on 5th Avenue!

And a big ‘Go Raibh Maith Agat’ to Pat and family , to Sam , Frankie and Shay from the Bronx , and to Kevin , Mal , Heno and Larry from Queens , to the lads from Brooklyn and to our good friends in Hell’s Kitchen : we’ll be in touch , as promised , and we’re already saving for next year….. !
Finally – we hope to see as many of ye as possible next week and at this event, the week after. We’ll be back to normal service this coming Wednesday. We should be finished packing-away our new wardrobes by then….
Thanks for reading!

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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