*UPDATE* – Monday , 4th May 2009 : after one of our ‘1169… Editorial Meetings’ (!) we agreed to include mention of the following annual function which , not being a picket/protest/day-of-action-type event , we previously decided to exclude from the below list but we have now had a change of mind re said function. Please note that this has nothing whatsoever to do with the promise of two free tickets should we give it a plug…..!
Going back to at least the early 1970’s , the Republican Movement , and supportive and affiliated organisations , have come together each year to choose a handful of individuals who are deemed suitable emissaries to represent all that Irish Republicanism stands for and that which it seeks to obtain. Having decided on the best honorees possible , a Dinner , Dance and Reunion is held to properly convey the Movement’s appreciation to those people. And that pleasurable task has been undertaken this year , too –
On Saturday May 16th 2009 , seven Irish Republicans will be honoured at a function to be held for them in Dublin , in the Morrison Hotel on Ormond Quay, at which a Presentation will be made to each one of them. Those seven notable Stalwarts of Irish Republicanism are : Peig and Paddy King (chosen by Republicans in Leinster) , Pádraig Ó Baoighill (Ulster) , Frank Quinn (Connacht) , Liam Cotter (Munster) , Don Hurley (USA) and Michael Kennedy (Galway and London) .
This blog extends warmest ‘Congrats!’ to those Honorees , and we hope to have a representative present on the night to record proceedings. Well Done to ye all – Ni Seoinini Sinn Go Leir !
(Last year’s CABHAIR Testimonial Dinner can be viewed here.)

Dublin, Saturday May 9th 2009.

Dublin, Sunday May 10th 2009.

POW Picket , Lurgan, County Armagh, Saturday May 9th 2009.

Bodenstown Sunday, June 14th 2009.

Next weekend (Saturday/Sunday May 9th/10th 2009) , Irish Republicans in Dublin will be twice as busy (!) as their colleagues in Armagh , but all of the above , and many others from both Dublin and Armagh and the other 30 counties in Ireland , will be busy on Sunday , 14th June 2009.
This blog would like to wish all our fellow-Republicans involved in the above-mentioned events every success, and to confirm that we will have a representative present at those events.
Beir Bua!

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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