Injury sustained by RSF member after attack by members of the political police.

On Saturday , June 13th 2009 , members and supporters of Republican Sinn Féin in Lucan , County Dublin , were replacing posters for the 2009 Bodenstown/Wolfe Tone Commemoration in Sallins , County Kildare , which was due to be held the following day , Sunday 14th June 2009 . Whilst those Republicans were going about their business , a car containing three members of the State political police – the ‘Special Branch’ – pulled up and two men got out of the car and approached a relatively new member of RSF . They asked this young man what he was doing , told him who they were and demanded his name and address , which he gave them. They then attempted to question him further on his personal details , to which he replied , again, with his name and address . The ‘Special Branch’ agents turned aggressive and threatened the young man with arrest if he did not comply . He repeated his name and address and was then made to ‘spread his arms on the car and stand with legs apart’ whilst the State representatives searched him in a rough manner.
One of the members of the political police grabbed the young mans mobile ‘phone from his pocket and when he attempted to retrieve it he was attacked by them on the side of the street – the photograph , above , shows the worst injury he received in this attack.
This unprovoked and vicious assault , which would have left an older , less healthy victim in hospital , was roundly condemned by local Republicans who have noted a marked increase in the level of harassment by those State thugs . We have been asked to record that attack and are glad to do so , and we are happy to acknowledge that the young man , the victim, intends to continue his work for Republican Sinn Féin and will not be cowed by this State sponsored intimidation.


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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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