VOTE ‘NO’ to Lisbon Two!

The claim from those demanding that we now vote ‘YES’ to the Lisbon Two Treaty that they “have now secured a Commissioner in Brussels to look after our interests” is a false claim : under EU law , it is actually illegal for a Commissioner from any member State to seek to “look after” the interests of that particular State !
Likewise , the claim from the ‘YES’ side that they have obtained
” protocols and guarantees” from Brussels (ie a “new/changed” Lisbon Treaty) is also false : before any such “new/changed” Lisbon Treaty can legally come into operation ,it would have to be approved by all 27 member States , not just by this State.

What the ‘YES’ side is attempting to sell is a bright , well-paid and very-well-pensioned political career for themselves in Brussels – we are witnessing from them, in effect , predictions from the same people that never saw things coming on what’s going to happen next ! VOTE ‘NO!’ in October 2009 on ‘Lisbon Two’ – we don’t owe them a cushy career . We don’t owe them anything!

“Ní hea, No, Nein, Non, Nyet, Nope, Not, No Means No …”
What part of that don’t they understand ?

On Thursday , 12th June 2008 , a vote was held in this State on the Lisbon Constitution/Treaty : for months beforehand we were repeatedly told by the political ‘establishment’ in Leinster House that that what we were being asked to vote on was “non-negotiable” , that we had to vote on it as it then stood , that it was legally impossible to have anything removed from it or inserted into it. Now that same political ‘establishment’ are asking us to believe that not only was it possible to change that Treaty , but that they had managed to do so to the “benefit” of this State’s position within the EU !

However – Czech prime minister Jan Fischer, who chaired a meeting on the supposed ‘new Irish Lisbon Treaty’ (as his country presently holds the EU presidency) was questioned (on Friday 19th June 2009) on these ‘Irish changes’ and dismissed them as nothing of the sort : “The protocol (“changes”) will clarify but not change either the content or the application of the treaty of Lisbon. It is an explanatory clarifying text which changes not a dot nor comma of the Lisbon Treaty.”
What has actually been ‘achieved’ by those idiots in Leinster House is a promise (“guarantee”) from the bigger political fatcats in Brussels that , at some time in the future, they might look at making a few amendments to the way the Lisbon Two Treaty affects this State! And Brian Cowan and his equally useless cabal of semi-political misfits were never going to get “changes to the Lisbon Treaty” due to the fact that Poland , Holland , Austria , Sweden and Britain used their combined ‘weight’ to ‘lean’ on Brussels , stating that if the Irish were to be offered a new Treaty then they , too , would expect the same offer to be made to them – so a compromise was agreed : Brussels would allow Cowan to claim that a “new Treaty” for the Irish was on offer but , at the same time , made it clear to Cowan that what they were offering was a promise that , if passed this time, they would perhaps – at some future date – take a look at the manner in which the Treaty affected this State. And please have no doubt that that is all that is on offer here – a promise from corrupt millionaire politicians in Brussels that they will , someday , give a curious glance over their well-padded shoulder at the way their tax laws are effecting finances in this State.

Don’t be fooled by them – VOTE NO TO LISBON 2 in October 2009 .

“The meeting and dinner heard how Ireland’s “intellectual mediocrity and lack of political courage” led to the rejection of the Lisbon treaty and included discussions of how to “cuddle and pamper” the Irish voter ahead of a new vote while at the same time “making pressures on them”.
(From here.)

This video gives an apt description of the type of morally and politically corrupt politician and system that are now demanding we vote ‘the right way’ on the already failed Lisbon Treaty. And this video shows what those bent career politicians stand to loose if we don’t vote the way they want us to . As Republican Sinn Féin have stated – “The decision to re-run the referendum on the rejected Lisbon Treaty in the 26-Counties next October represents an attempt to subvert the sovereign will of the people.All kinds of pressure is being applied to those allowed to vote to ensure that they arrive at the result Brian Cowen and the EU ‘élite’ demand…..”
(From here.)
Once again, this blog will be campaigning for a ‘NO’ vote on the Lisbon Treaty , for the same reasons : the “guarantees” which Brian Cowen has received have been given to him by similar unprincipled characters and , even if they were to be written in blood , would still be worthless . VOTE ‘NO!’ and help keep the lifts and corridors of the EU building free of more political rats , who scurry around trying to find the ‘Sign In’ book before they head back home to the political brothels they come from .

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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  1. Phoenix One UK says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Hope you do not mind my mentioning this site too within a debate. I actually prefer this one.

    Kindest regards.

  2. Hi Phoenix !
    Help yourself – give this URL to anyone you think can assist : the ‘establishment’ media here is , as expected , showing its true colours ie ‘VOTE YES’ , so the more we can spread our own message the better.
    Thanks again!

  3. Phoenix One UK says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Recieved an Open Europe bulletin which may interest. Quote

    EU politicians to travel to Ireland to interfere in referendum

    Ahead of the second Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty on 2 October, Jerzy Buzek, the new President of the European Parliament, has said that he will travel to Ireland “to tell people what the treaty is for” and “what’s going on in it”. He has also indicated that he could travel there with former Irish EP President Pat Cox. The Euractiv website notes that this marks a significant change in tack for the EU establishment, which in the run-up to the first Irish referendum was wary of active involvement in the ‘Yes’ campaign. This time around, pro-Lisbon forces around the EU have no such qualms about making their presence felt in the Irish referendum campaign. (EurActiv Open Europe blog, 13 July)

    Similarly, Irish officials in the EU Commission have confirmed they will take part in the EU’s so-called “Back to School” programme, which the European Commission describes as an opportunity to “‘give Europe a face’ and to take part in discussions with school students on European issues of interest to them.” The programme will see six hundred European officials return to their old schools across nine countries this year.

    As noted by Irish Times columnist Miriam Lord, “Co-incidentally, when the 80 or so Irish officials return to the schools, the Lisbon referendum campaign will be in full swing. No doubt the visitors will be mindful that the majority of No voters were women, and they’ll be hoping to bag a few EU brownie points among the mammies.” (Commission press release Irish Times, 20 July)

    Meanwhile, Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen is growing in confidence that his government can carry a Yes vote, telling a Spanish newspaper: “We will win the referendum”. (El Pais El Pais 2 Open Europe blog, 20 July)

    However, Foreign Minister Micheál Martin this week made a misguided quip to a German newspaper, saying, in reference to the referendum, “democracies are complex”, adding, “would a dictatorship not be delightfully simple?” (FAZ, 21 July; Telegraph: Hannan blog, 22 July) Also referring to the Irish vote, EU Commissioner Joaquin Almunia told a Spanish newspaper that it is “not very democratic” to hold referendums on EU treaties. (Open Europe blog, 20 July)



  4. Phoenix One UK says:

    EU treaty ‘not legal’
    Published: 14 Jul 2009

    MPs were urged to stand up to Brussels last night — after German judges called the EU treaty an illegal power grab. Berlin’s highest court said the document robs nations of the right to set laws on defence, taxes, the police, education, media and culture.
    Judges demanded its parliament be allowed to overrule Brussels — and will delay bringing the treaty into law. Think tank Open Europe said: “British MPs need to wake up — and demand the same powers.”


  5. Hi Phoenix One UK !
    Some good material there – we’re not getting half of that here in the mainstream media : it will help us to continue our ‘Vote NO!’ campaign between now and October 2nd.

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