EAMONN CEANNT COMMEMORATION : brief report , some pics and link to more…

EAMONN CEANNT COMMEMORATION , SUNDAY 26 JULY 2009 : brief report , few pics and a link to more…

The two Republican wreaths laid today , Sunday 26 July 2009 , at the Eamonn Ceannt Commemoration.

The local ‘Joe McDonnell Cumann’ of Republican Sinn Féin held a very successfull commemoration/wreath laying ceremony today (Sunday 26 July 2009) for Eamonn Ceannt , in a park named after the man , in Crumlin , Dublin. About thirty local members and supporters gathered at a near-by point and , at about 12.45 pm , marched to the memorial stone in that park . The proceedings were Chaired by Paddy Ennis , who welcomed the crowd and gave a brief outline of why it is that RSF honour men and women like Eamonn Ceannt. He then called on Des Dalton to deliver the main oration , included in which was a history of Ceannt and good details on the part the man played in the 1916 Rising.
We publish with this post a total of five photographs of todays event , and a link at the bottom of the post to six more photographs . A full report , and different pics , will be published in the August 2009 issue of the ‘Saoirse’ republican newspaper , which goes to print this coming Wednesday , 29 July 2009.

Des Dalton , Paddy Ennis and , in the background , members of Na Fianna Eireann.

Des Dalton delivering the main oration.

Paddy Ennis and Des Dalton in Ceannt Park , Sunday 26 July 2009.

Paddy Ennis , Chairperson , with the RSF Colour Party in the background.

We have posted six more photographs on our ‘Sister’ site , here (post dated Sunday 26 July 2009) .
Thanks for reading!

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