EVE OF ALL-IRELAND RALLY 2009 ; brief report and pictures.

( Note/Update/Reminder:Inaugurated in constitutional law and administration and for private and public law of economics at the Special Branch for the Science of Law in Hamburg….a practising lawyer in Berlin….professor for Economics at the professional School of Economics in Berlin….university professor for the Law of Economics at Hamburg University…..Chair-holding Professor of public law at the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg…..Dean of the faculty for economic and social sciences at the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg….and coming to Dublin and Galway to talk on why we would be better advised to ‘VOTE NO TO LISBON TWO’….)

EVE OF ALL-IRELAND RALLY 2009 : brief report and pictures.

Na Fianna Éireann at the Eve of All-Ireland Rally , 19 September 2009.

‘NO TO LISBON’ banner on RSF Dublin Office.

The annual Eve of All-Ireland Rally was held today , Saturday September 19th 2009 , in Dublin. The earlier-than-usual start (ie 12 Noon , to facilitate the 1pm ‘Anti NAMA’ protest march) caused some confusion amongst supporters and members of the public , dozens of whom only appeared as the Rally was finishing. However , altogether approximately between one and two hundred RSF members and supporters (on both sides of O’Connell Street and on the traffic isle) were present between 12 Noon and 1.20pm for the Rally.

Des Dalton , Chairing the proceedings at the GPO today.

About three thousand various RSF leaflets (that is , approximately 500 ‘booklets’ of leaflets , each ‘booklet’ containing five or six leaflets) were distributed to the crowds on O’Connell Street , with about another thousand single ‘VOTE NO TO LISBON’ RSF leaflets distributed early this morning in the Stephens Green area of Dublin city centre.

Padráig Garvey , Kerry , speaking at the Rally.

State ‘security’, as usual ,made its unwanted presence felt , in the shape of six uniformed gardai and at least five members of the political police, the ‘special branch’ but, thankfully, for the most part, they stayed in the background . RSF , again, as usual, had its own Stewards on site but, due to the fact that the State ‘security’ stayed, for the most part, at a distance, no trouble occurred.

Fergal Moore , Monaghan, speaking at the Rally.

When the Rally finished at the GPO , most of the RSF members and supporters walked up O’Connell Street to the Garden of Remembrance to add their number to the approximate two or three thousand people who were forming-up to take part in the ‘Anti NAMA’ protest. All-in-all , it was a day well spent by RSF , who not only got their own Republican message across to tens of thousands of people in O’Connell Street , but were also able to offer their support to the hundreds of thousands of people who are being financially squeezed by the corrupt , useless and free-loading millionaire politicians in Leinster House.
A job well done to all who attended either/both events today!

A full report of this Eve of All-Ireland Rally , and more photographs, will be published in the October 2009 issue of ‘SAOIRSE’ , which goes to print on Wednesday , 30th of this month.

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