RSF in Clondalkin, Dublin , protesting outside the office of Fianna Fail’s John Curran.

About 50 workers , all connected in one way or another to CDP / JI / CE employment programmes , formed-up outside the County Council Offices in Clondalkin Village , Dublin, between 3.30pm and 4pm today ,and marched through the Village to the constituency office of John Curran (seen here in the middle seat, holding on to the State ‘bus’ for dear life) , State Minister with ‘special responsibility for the National (sic) Drugs Strategy and Community Affairs’ – a position he has held since May 2008 ; so he has had plenty of time to plan and implement the death of the Community Sector throughout the State , and is now doing so , with zeal. Three of the protestors were allowed in to speak with Curran and emerged 30 minutes later more angry than when they went in. He spoke to them about budget cutbacks and how he hoped to have a look at their employment situation the week after next. Or thereabouts.
Republican Sinn Féin members and supporters were on that protest march today , and vowed to protest with them again on November 6th next , when a State-wide protest over this injustice will be held in Dublin city centre.
We publish with this brief report a few pictures which we recorded today, in Clondalkin :

Clondalkin CDP.

Ballymun in Clondalkin !

CDP coffin , Kilbarrack in mourning….


The policies of Curran and Fianna Fail will kill our youth.

Curran walks on the CDP grave.

“Get your hands out of our pockets…”

Kilbarrack shouts , Curran ignores…

…so Kilbarrack shouts louder!

And RSF will be shouting , again , on Friday November 6th next , when they and their supporters march through Dublin city centre with CDP / JI / CE workers , in an attempt to save their jobs. Well done to all who took part in the Community Sector protest in Clondalkin today : see you all on November 6th next.

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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