(UPDATE: The next CDP/JI/CE-organised protest outside the Clondalkin office of John Curran will take place on Monday 30 November 2009.
Those attending will be meeting-up outside the County Council Offices in Clondalkin Village
(facing the Mill shopping centre) at 3.30pm and will make their way to Curran’s constituency office for 4.00pm.
As usual , Republican Sinn Féin members will be taking part.

All Welcome!
Sharon. )


RSF supporting the CDP/JI/CE protest in Clondalkin , Dublin , Monday 23 November 2009.

The protest today started at about 3.30pm outside the Clondalkin offices of the County Council , where around thirty protestors had gathered before making their way to John Curran’s office in Clondalkin Village. Once there , they were joined by about twenty other protestors and on-lookers and a noisey picket was placed on the door into Curran’s constituency office and a few metres either side of it.

” Are you listening , John Curran….”

We made our presence known with the use of two battery-powered loud hailers , which drew massive support from passing motorists and cheers and claps from the passing public , most of whom stopped to hear the speakers and shout encouragement to us – however , we had received no answer to our request that John Curran should step out of his office and listen to our concerns , so we increased the noise level as best we could…

“Come out and meet your electorate , Mr Curran…”

…and it worked ! Local business man and Fianna Fail hopeful , Thyes M. Kavanagh, came out from Curran’s office and told us that his boss would not be coming out to us but he would allow three of our number to enter the premises and express our concerns : three ladies promptly put down their placards and stepped in , with Kavanagh escorting them to the desk of his Master. Some forty minutes later , three exasperated women emerged , the worse for wear : they were told that the fate of CDP’s etc is in the hands of an “Independent Review” committee (who appointed them and who pays them ?) and he told the delegation that , in his opinion, the proposed (/intended) cutbacks in the CDP/JI/CE programmes will not impact the operations of the work done by same to the level that the protestors are claiming it will ! This further enraged those present , and speeches , chants and whistles were again put to loud use , cars sounded their horns in support , passing schoolkids joined in as did shoppers and other members of the public.

Protestors from Ballymun (North Dublin) taking part in the Clondalkin picket on John Curran’s office.

“We want your head in a noose , Brian Cowen…”

Finally , at 5.45pm , after receiving what we all recognised as a ” Tough Shit…” answer from John Curran , we decided to end that days protest but we were all adamant and in agreement that another such protest and picket be held there within the next two weeks. Those that turned out today to try and save their jobs and to stop their communities being penalised by the Robber Barons represented by Curran and his like are to be commended and should be supported by all organisations that claim to have the interests of social justice at heart. For its part , Republican Sinn Féin will continue to stand with these workers , and is proud to do so !

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