MUTINY ? Not a chance , unfortunately….

State cops and their representatives are not happy campers : they are being treated by the wealthy political elite in Leinster House in much the same manner as the rest of us ie being screwed financially to pay for their mistakes and incompetence. And they don’t like it , and are now throwing shapes about doing something about it…
….but they’ll back down. Unfortunately. The politicians have called their bluff, and the State cops and their reps will now try to put a brave face on their verbal shaping whilst , at the same time , tucking their tail firmly back between their legs.
We have no time for, or inclination to support, the cops , as they are the
‘Front Line’ defence for this corrupt wee Statelet and its political rulers , and are themselves , for the most part (in our opinion), as corrupt as their bosses, who they are now temporarily at odds with. But serious political change is needed , and if the cops supply the spark that helps to introduce that change , then we would welcome such a development. But , in this morally corrupt and bankrupt kip of a Statelet , such a change , from that particular direction , will not happen. However , having said that ,it’s good to see those loyal State servants get such a wake-up call from those they previously considered to be their ‘best friends’ . From little acorns etc….

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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