Aitheasc an Uachtaráin Ruairí Ó Brádaigh don 85ú Ard-Fheis de Shinn Féin in Óstlann an Spa , Leamhcán , Co. Atha Cliath , 21ú agus 22ú Deireadh Fómhair , 1989 /
Presidential Address of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh to the 85th Ard-Fheis of Sinn Féin in the Spa Hotel , Lucan , County Dublin , 21st and 22nd October 1989…..

” Republicans, however , have always endeavoured to expose the contradictions of British leaders who, while directing their dirty war in Ireland, brazenly attempt to tell the world that “the rule of law” and “due process” are in operation in her courts.

Another aspect of this hypocrisy is ‘moving the goalposts’ by ministerial order as was done with the announcement of the re-imposition of restricted elections in the Six Counties by the introduction of political test oaths designed to exclude Republicans from public life at local council level.

A similar political test oath kept Republicans out of the councils in the Six Counties from 1922-1973 and the complete failure of such undemocratic restrictions – and Republicans deny the claim of Britain to pass any laws for any part of Ireland – can be seen in the continuing state of revolt there for the past 20 years. Opposition to British rule , far from being smothered by restricted access to unfair elections , blazes up in other and more active means of struggle .

The British , it seems , cannot learn the lessons of history and are therefore condemned to repeat them , to all our costs…..”

The official line is that the evidence is finally taken under guard to a certain multinational chemical-processing company that is under contract to the State Department of Justice to dispose of the substances and the packaging…….
From ‘MAGILL’ magazine , March 1988. By Marguerite Barry.

A quick phone call to the person in charge confirms that , yes , there is in fact an incinerator and everything is destroyed by exposure to massive temperatures .

There is no history of raids as the drugs are transported , no reports of evidence going missing and no ‘mini-incinerations’ in the van on the way there . According to the official line , that is. But we’ve all heard tall tales before.

[END of ‘Where Do The Drugs Go ?’]
(Next – ‘Betrayal : State Gardai And a (P)IRA Informer’ , from 1997)

THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST HEROIN IN DUBLIN……. The drugs crisis is one of the major problems facing young people in Dublin today. In large areas of the city it has now reached massive proportions , while in the inner city there is estimated to be a higher percentage of drug addicts and drug abusers than in Harlem in New York . But it has been only recently – 5 years after this epidemic began in earnest – that any notice has been paid to the problem. And even now the Free State government has failed to confront the crisis in a meaningful way . Tony Barry of Na Fianna Eireann has been looking at the issues for ‘IRIS’ magazine.
From ‘IRIS’ magazine, December 1984.

Tony Barry : ” What has been the result of the action the community has taken ? ”

Noel Sillery : ” Well , we’re not 100% free of drugs . We have drug addicts living in the flats . Now I might add that while we’re trying to get rid of the drug pushers , we’re also trying to help the addicts that are living in the flats.

Any drug addict wanting help is given great moral support . They are accompanied down to Jervis Street by two of our lads , we stay with them while they are treated and they are brought back again. We have tried to do as much as possible for our drug addicts . We aren’t running a negative campaign , its purpose has also been to try to help. ”

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