Republicans in Dublin have organised three Easter Commemorations for 2010 – Saturday 3rd April , Sunday 4th April and Monday 5th April.

Republican Sinn Féin in Dublin will be holding three Easter Commemorations this year :
Easter Saturday , 3rd April 2010 – 2pm on the bridge in Balbriggan (last year’s Balbriggan Commemoration can be viewed here) ;

Easter Sunday , 4th April 2010 , 1pm at the Cemetery gates in Deansgrange (last year’s Deansgrange Commemoration can be viewed here) ;

Easter Monday , 5th April 2010 – Garden of Remembrance , Dublin City Centre at 1.45pm : the parade will leave at that time to arrive at the GPO for 2pm (last year’s GPO Commemoration can be viewed here) .

If you’re in Dublin at the time, please show your support for the Irish republican tradition by supporting the Republican Movement at one or more of the 1916
Easter Commemorations listed above. And remember – the Movement is not only active on the streets of Dublin and elsewhere at Easter time : they have a constant presence on the streets throughout the year , and have had since they were formed in 1905. You are most welcome to come along on any or all of the three dates mentioned above and pay your respects , in the company of true Irish Republicans , to the men and women of 1916.


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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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