During two hours today (11.45AM – 1.45PM) ,in Dublin, between 20 and 30 Irish Republican supporters held a picket in support of Irish Republican prisoners. The supporters stood outside St Catherine’s Church in Thomas Street with banners , placards and leaflets.
Approximately two thousand leaflets were distributed – a good few of which were requested by tourists from Sweden , Denmark and the United States , to name but some places – with the bulk of the leaflets being handed to locals and to cars , vans , lorries etc , which slowed down to get a better view of the picket.

Some of the Republican supporters on Thomas Street , Dublin , today.

Amidst the thousands of people that were in the area over the two hours which the picket lasted for – and who were , for the most part , willing to take leaflets and talk to the Republican supporters present – only six males (as opposed to ‘men’)verbally objected : four operatives from the State ‘Special Branch’ and two uniformed gardai , all of whom harrassed the Republicans and , at one stage, tried to move them off the wide footpath where they were. With no success.

Two of the RSF banners on display at the POW picket.

“I’ll wear no convicts uniform….”

Five different leaflets were distributed at the picket , numbering about two thousand leaflets in total – a POW leaflet , outlining the issues facing our prisoners, a Dublin Easter Commemoration leaflet , a leaflet advertising a hunger-striker function on May 8th next , an RSF recruitment leaflet and a Na Fianna Éireann recruitment leaflet. As stated , the leaflets were very well-received by almost all in the vicinity !

POW leaflet.

Na Fianna Éireann recruitment leaflets (incidentally , if you would like to know more about NFÉ , or become a member, you can ‘phone one of the Organisers on 085-2422602).

Leaflet for May 8th hunger-strike function and Dublin Easter Commemorations leaflet.

It was two hours well spent in Dublin’s Thomas Street today ; the on-going suffering of our POW’s was highlighted and brought home to thousands of people who otherwise might not have given the issue a second thought. The Organisers are to be congratulated on a job well done!

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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