Na Fianna Éireann in Deansgrange Cemetery , Dublin, Easter Sunday (4th April) 2010.

Republican Plot , Deansgrange Cemetery , Dublin.

At Deansgrange Cemetery, which was established in 1861 and had its first burial in 1865 , there is an area marked as the ‘Republican Plot’ and it commemorates prisoners who died in Wandsworth Prison in 1922. James Connolly’s daughter Fiona is also buried here . It was at that Plot that approximately forty Irish Republicans and supporters gathered today , for a wreath-laying ceremony chaired by ex-POW Seán Ó Sé , to listen as Seán Ó Bradaigh delivered a resounding speech on the history of the cemetery they were standing in , which he then linked to the history of the on-going struggle itself.

An RSF Colour Party and members of Na Fianna Éireann were present , a wreath was laid and a message of support from Republican prisoners was read out during the ceremony : it was stated by Seán that , at 10am this morning ,between 20 and 30 Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry Prison took control of their landing and are now, as I type this, locked in the canteen. This event was provoked by the refusal of the prison authorities to ‘allow’ the men to wear Easter Lilies. This blog wishes those POW’s every success in their prison struggle , a wish echoed by all at the ceremony in Deansgrange today.
Unlike yesterday in Balbriggan
(Easter Saturday) , the weather was kind to us but , like yesterday – albeit not as aggressive – the ‘Special Branch’ were there , four of them , but contented themselves this time with recording the proceedings on a ‘jeep’-mounted video unit and writing down the names and addresses of all present.
A full report , with ‘proper’ pictures, will be published in the May 2010 issue of ‘Saoirse’ .


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