Aitheasc an Uachtaráin Ruairí Ó Brádaigh don 85ú Ard-Fheis de Shinn Féin in Óstlann an Spa , Leamhcán , Co. Atha Cliath , 21ú agus 22ú Deireadh Fómhair , 1989 /
Presidential Address of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh to the 85th Ard-Fheis of Sinn Féin in the Spa Hotel , Lucan , County Dublin , 21st and 22nd October 1989…..

Sinn Féin Poblachtach must also contest in new areas , preaching the old doctrine, the policy of the straight and narrow, where basic national issues are concerned, but always alert and responsive to the various needs of a troubled people in a troubled and confused land.

Many of our policies on planning, environment, local government reform, decentralisation, citizens’ rights, freedom and equality for all, regardless of income or material status, have been partially taken on board by other groups and individuals since they were first published in the 1970’s.

Even if we resent this we must push on to promote these just, fair and democratic doctrines and ensure that where others say they are now converted to the nuts and bolts of Republican policies, they will genuinely have to pursue these progressive policies, or shut up about them . We welcome in particular the emergence of a more conscious ‘Green’ concern among the electorate, 16 years after we outlined (in 1973)our ‘Quality of Life’ approach for a new Ireland. We welcome also the increasing talk about decentralisation in Ireland – provided it is real decentralisation, not just moving offices and civil servants from town to town…….”

The (State) Gardaí used John Corcoran (pictured) as a (P)IRA informer. They allowed him to be killed by another (P)IRA informer, and have since refused to investigate his murder*.
From ‘MAGILL’ magazine, Christmas Annual 1997.
By Ursula Halligan and Vincent Browne.
(* ‘1169…’ Comment – their word, not ours.)

The Corcoran family was delighted in April this year (1997) when Fianna Fáil’s John O’ Donoghue promised to have the case fully investigated if his party was returned to government after the general election. Catherine Corcoran said – ” We thought at last somebody is interested. Somebody is going to do something.” But nearly six months later they have heard nothing further. ” I’m disappointed now. Nobody has offered any explanation or come to us and said ‘look, this is how it’s progressing…’ . We feel, as the family, we deserve some answers,” said Eileen Corcoran.

Getting on with their lives and looking to the future is what Eileen Corcoran and her children want to do most of all. In 1991, she married again and acquired the double-barrelled surname of ‘Mrs Corcoran-McCarthy’. Eighteen months ago, she became a grandmother for the first time. She says that she and her children can only let go of the past when they get answers to all their questions. There are a number of key questions that the family want answered…….


What do the cities of Norwich, Birmingham , Sheffield and Derry have in common ? Well , according to some, they are all cities in “the UK” !

A Provisional Sinn Féin councillor and ‘tourism spokesperson’ , Maeve McLaughlin , has voiced her support , and that of her party, to have Derry listed as the ‘UK CITY OF CULTURE’ : ” Sinn Fein has contributed positively to progressing and supporting the bid…..”
Martin McGuinness has openly voiced support to have Derry recognised as ‘a UK city’ and has declared himself “rock solid” behind the nomination !

Irish Republicans have long warned that those that leave the Republican Movement to ‘ pursue the same objectives by constitutional methods’ , as those that leave would claim, eventually become part of the system they once fought against. Not only do the Provisionals administer Westminster’s writ in six Irish counties – in return for ‘respectability’ , a political career , a salary , expenses and a Sterling pension – but they now see no shame in promoting an Irish city as a ‘UK City’ . And, really , when you look at it from their point of view , they have no reason not to do so : their political futures are linked to Westminster , which pays their mortgages , their holiday homes and their succulent lifestyles – so if they can repay the ‘favour’ and , at the same time, show what a ‘safe pair of hands’ they are regarding the jursidictional ‘question’ – then then have nothing to lose. Certainly not in the ‘credibility’ stakes anyway, as far as Irish Republicans are concerned.
Shame on them.


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