Aitheasc an Uachtaráin Ruairí Ó Brádaigh don 85ú Ard-Fheis de Shinn Féin in Óstlann an Spa , Leamhcán , Co. Atha Cliath , 21ú agus 22ú Deireadh Fómhair , 1989 /
Presidential Address of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh to the 85th Ard-Fheis of Sinn Féin in the Spa Hotel , Lucan , County Dublin , 21st and 22nd October 1989…..

” We must prepare and organise in all Six Counties to oppose publicly any effort to swallow such a British oath for a future Stormont which would belittle and degrade the Republican cause. Likewise we must oppose any attempt to participate in yet another ‘New Stormont’ or the Westminster Parliament itself, in the name of Ireland and Irish Republicanism. This is our Republican duty and we must fulfill it at all costs.

In the European election in June last we took a vigorous stand on the undemocratic nature of the emerging superpower that has not only impoverished our people since 1972, as admitted most recently by the ‘National Economic and Social Council’ report , but is also imposing extradition and other edicts from Brussels and is sucking us into the political wing of NATO. The only proper protest was to refuse to vote for any candidate and thereby say no to a European Imperialist Superpower…….”


(* ‘1169…’ Comment – their word, not ours.)
From ‘MAGILL’ magazine, December 1997. By Ursula Halligan.

Sean O’Callaghan said that, to the best of his knowledge, John Corcoran did leave a message for his family on the tape used by the IRA to record his confession and that he said he loved his family. O’Callaghan said he gave instructions for this tape to be sent to Mrs Corcoran and was told it had been sent , and that he can’t understand why she never received it.

Asked if Mrs Corcoran deserved a better response to her questions , O’Callaghan said – “The description of how he [John Corcoran] was killed is true in most of the specifics. I’m just not confirming or denying that it was me that murdered* him. But , what I’m absolutely sure about is that I did absolutely everything I could do to save his life.”

O’Callaghan insisted that he warned his garda handler several times that John Corcoran’s life was in danger and pleaded for an intervention by them. He said he contacted his handler on several occasions and even gave him the exact location where Corcoran was being held. He said the response was : “Okay , okay, we’re working on it. We’ll handle it.” After the murder* , he said that he was unhappy and upset with his handler and that their relationship was never the same. He said the handler told him to “…put these things out of his mind..”

Renowned political right-winger and the man ultimately responsible for the 2006 ‘Love Ulster’ Loyalist/ UVF / Combat 18 Dublin riots, Michael McDowell (pictured) has, once again, shown his true colours : he has called for an ‘Official Holiday’ to be held each year on July 12th , the main ‘Marching Day’ of his politically like-minded colleagues in the ‘Orange Order’ !

Mr McDowell would appear to be in some ‘I-Love-The-Brits-More-Than-You-Do’ – competition or other with this ‘Irish Royal’ (pictured with UDA leader , Jackie McDonald) who has recently called for praise to be heaped on the occupying forces in the North-East of Ireland….

Those two people are mere representations of many in Ireland who would happily deny their own nationhood and its values for a place at, or under, the ‘establishment’ – any ‘establishment’ – table , from where those they admire can sneeringly point at them and declare them to be ‘our type’ of preferred ‘subject’.

This wee , insignificant blog takes this opportunity to those of our readers who mistakingly believe that the above actions are common to all Irish people – that is most certainly not the case : that despicable and disgusting point-of-view is only held here by those who have always been morally lost and politically bankrupt and should not be mistaken for ‘the voice of the Irish’. We am embarrassed and ashamed for them.


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