From ‘MAGILL’ magazine , September 1984.
By Derek Dunne.

At Burton Hall , Niall Rush received a deep intra-muscular injection of a slow-acting tranquilliser. The drug involved is intended as a slow release , and normally lasts two to four weeks. He went once a month for this treatment.

On his way back from Burton Hall later that afternoon , he called into the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology in James Street to see Joe Claffey who was undergoing a drug test and, from there , he went back into town by bus. He had borrowed one pound from a friend in Iona Road that morning to cover the bus fare out to Burton Hall and back. He rejoined his Spanish friends in Bowe’s Pub , arriving there shortly before Shay O’ Brien, at 5.10pm.

All the usual people were not there on account of the time , and also because it was a Monday. Niall drank about three pints of Heineken with his friends and at 7pm he left to get a bus to the ICP Clinic in the grounds of James Street Hospital . That day he was going in to complete the second phase of a two-part test – it was three weeks earlier , in early May 1984, that Niall had gone in for the first phase…….

THE PETER BERRY PAPERS……. The Top Secret Memoirs of Ireland’s Most Powerful Civil Servant : Dirty Tricks, Election ’69/ Spying on a Unionist Politician/ Keeping the (State) Taoiseach informed/ The Garda Fallon Murder/ Advice to Jack Lynch- ‘Fire the pair of them…’/ Vivion De Valera’s advice to O’Malley/ Rumours of a Coup D’Etat/ The Internment Plot, November 1970/ Secret Meeting with William Craig.
From ‘MAGILL’ magazine , June 1980.

The Berry Papers are of rare historical interest ; not alone do they reveal items of major interest but they convey vividly the inner-workings of government. They document the meeting with the (State) Taoiseach , Jack Lynch, at Mount Carmel nursing home on October 17th , 1969, where he was informed by Mr. Berry of Captain Kelly’s promises of money to members of the IRA for purchase of arms in Baileboro , Cavan, on October 4th , 1969 – Mr Lynch has denied that he was informed (Mr Berry gave evidence of this meeting at a secret session of the (State) Committee of Public Accounts in February 1971 but the Committee did not call Jack Lynch as a witness to reply to this assertion).

The significance of this meeting is that it transpired that Jack Lynch was informed of the genesis of the arms plot , some six months before he has insisted was the first occassion he became aware of what was going on. Lynch made no attempt between October 17 , 1969 , and April 20 , 1970, either to investigate further the reports he was given or to intervene and have the affair brought to an end.

The Berry Papers also document the meeting of April 13th , 1970, where Jack Lynch was informed by Mr Berry , again, of Captain Kelly’s activities and, this time, of the involvement of Charles Haughey and Neil Blaney in the arms importation. Lynch , again, took no action at this time…….


” One of the largest public rallies seen in Dublin for years was held by Sinn Féin at the GPO on the eve of the All-Ireland Football Final . Headed by a Colour Party and a pipe band , a parade of more than 2,000 people marched from Parnell Square through the main city thoroughfare as a protest against the continued unjust imprisonment of Irishmen without charge or trial .
Contingents from all over the country took part and many carried banners and placards including groups from England and Scotland . In the Ulster section was a strong representation of the Derry supporters who thronged the capital city for the Final . One placard they carried asked – ‘ Why are Six-County Nationalists interned in the Curragh?’ …..”

(From ‘An tÉireannach Aontaithe/The United Irishman’ newspaper , November 1958)

The Annual Eve Of All-Ireland Rally will be held this year on Saturday 18th September : those attending are asked to assemble at the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square at 1.45pm from where the parade will leave for the GPO .


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