We all know by now that those in Leinster House have been living beyond our means.
This is because our means are not sufficient to keep them in the style they deserve. Yes , readers – it’s
our fault. The up-coming State budget will ensure that most of us (but not all of us) will have less money available to maintain the lifestyles of our professional career politicians : with this worrying development in mind , we at this blog feel it’s time to offer-up one possible solution , first mooted by those that have our best interests at heart – Fine Gael.

One of our Fine Gael leaders-in-waiting , Therese Ridge , a State Senator amongst other fine attributes ,
first suggested this worthy approach in ensuring that the money stopped from your wagepacket each week should not be wasted on health or education initiatives to the point that there will not be enough left over to maintain the lifestyles of our professional career State politicians. The suggestion from the lovely Senator also ensured that the unemployed could contribute
as well as they , too , have hall doors (…even if , like the employed , they can’t really afford those hall doors..)

For the good of our politicians , we MUST fill buckets like these…

We wrote about this brave and sensible proposal before and , indeed – to the credit of some of our readers – we received a few messages of ‘support’
(!) and, as such , we feel it is time to resurrect this noble idea and to campaign for it to be included in the up-coming State budget initiatives.
However , we realise that there are begrudgers out there who won’t be happy until the Therese Ridges’s of our taxpayer-funded gated communities are down in the gutter where they are , and to those small-minded individuals we have this message : would ye ever go and
feck off with yourselves!
Those begrudgers have no idea of the strain our leaders are under and we ask that our readers ignore people like that , put the ‘Welcome!’ mat out on the doorstep and boil-up the kettle.
It’s the least you owe Therese and the hundreds of others like her , that are simply trying to ensure – at your expense , naturally – that they remain insulated from the troubling , ‘penny-pinching’ and worrying day-to-day financial difficulties that you and I endure.
Dig DEEP , won’t you…….?

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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