THE IMF , 1916 , and Socialism.


No truth in that , as of yet – that we know of , anyway – but plenty of truth in this –

“The arrival of the IMF and EU into the 26 Counties is a damning indictment of the capitalist policies pursued by Fianna Fáil and clear evidence of the abject failure of the State as a whole. The IMF and EU officials will set about creating a capitalist dictatorship without any of the façade of democracy that used to prevail in the Free State. It is expected that there will be massive cuts in the public sector imposed and the probability of the selling of the family silver such as the ESB and Bord Na Mona looms.

The solution to the current economic woes is to create a new Ireland based on sound socialist principles with all banking and financial institutions coming under social control. Rather than offer a multi billion Euro loan Britain should declare her intention to withdraw from Ireland so that the Irish people can set about building this new Ireland. Republican Sinn Féin’s Éire Nua (A New Ireland) policy proposes the establishment of a 32 County Federal Democratic Socialist Republic with maximum devolution of power to local levels to help address both the power and economic imbalance in Ireland.

Only by the destruction of the current system that relies on gombeenism, clientelism and pandering to the capitalist classes is it possible to build an Ireland that truly cherishes all of her children equally. Only a socialist solution will be able to solve this Capitalist-caused problem. “
(Statement by Republican Sinn Féin Vice-President Fergal Moore.)

Incidentally , a lot of commentators on radio and television today have shared a common viewpoint regarding the IMF political take-over of this State yesterday, and have asked , in one form or another , ‘is this what the men and women in 1916 fought and died for…’ , to which Irish Republicans reply – ‘No , it’s not: whether the IMF are here or not, not one person fought or died , in 1916, for the establishment of a 26-County so-called ‘republic’….”
And even those who, a short few years after the 1916 Rising, shouldered weapons in a campaign to ensure the establishment of just such an entity must surely be equally sickened to see that their political ‘cousins’ in Leinster House could not maintain the falsehood represented by a false and immoral 26 County ‘Ireland’. This pathetic State was built on sand by short-sighted people ,and is now owned by business representatives based in Washington. As RSF VP Fergal Moore stated –
“Only a socialist solution will be able to solve this capitalist-caused problem….”
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