LEGAL DRUG TRIALS : ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. (The following information was brought to our attention by a reader of this blog , and was published in a Sunday newspaper in December 2009 : the person who contacted us did so on reading our ‘Death of Niall Rush’ article and , upon checking to the best of our ability, we are satisfied that that person has no ‘axe to grind’ re the newspaper in question and/or to the companies or individuals mentioned in the piece…….)

GE Healthcare is also suing Henrik Thomsen for an article in a medical magazine published in Brussels , but he said his name had been put on an article that he had not written.

The company said it encouraged scientific debate but had to act when it was publicly defamed. It said it had worked hard to uncover incidents of any side-effects from its drug , which may have inflated the number of cases linked specifically to ‘Omniscan’ , and added that the product was safe for more than 99% of patients but that it should not be given to patients with severe kidney problems.

However , it says that no “causal link” has been established.

(END of the ‘GE Healthcare / Henrik Thomsen’ piece : next – an article from September 2010 , sent to us from a different reader.)

THE PETER BERRY PAPERS……. The Top Secret Memoirs of Ireland’s Most Powerful Civil Servant : Dirty Tricks, Election ’69/ Spying on a Unionist Politician/ Keeping the (State) Taoiseach informed/ The Garda Fallon Murder/ Advice to Jack Lynch- ‘Fire the pair of them…’/ Vivion De Valera’s advice to O’Malley/ Rumours of a Coup D’Etat/ The Internment Plot, November 1970/ Secret Meeting with William Craig.
From ‘MAGILL’ magazine , June 1980.

AUGUST 18th , 1969 :
” A widely publicised statement was made to the news media by Cathal Goulding, Chief of Staff of the IRA , in which he said that the IRA were already engaged in action in the North and he called for public support.”

AUGUST 19th , 1969 :
” The Taoiseach responded by a public speech in which he said that the Government would not tolerate any usurpation of authority.
Towards midnight I had a visit in my home from Supt. John Fleming, the head of the Special Branch , who was accompanied by the former head , Mr Philip MacMahon. As a result I prepared a statement for the Minister which I completed at 1.40am. “

AUGUST 20th , 1969 :
” I handed the statement to the Minister when he arrived in his office shortly before he was due to attend a meeting of Government and we had a short discussion of its contents….. ”

On Friday 25th February next , the electorate in this corrupt wee Statelet are to be given a ‘choice’ by the new owners of this ‘republic’ , the IMF and Brussels , to pick a ‘different’ so-called management team than that which has bankrupted the place – a State-wide ‘general election’ will be held , with the ‘choices’ ranging from six of one to half-dozen of the other!

Irish Republicans will , as usual , use the occasion to deliver their message to the Gaimbín and Seoinín political ‘establishment’ that make a fine living here from the work of others : that message will involve writing a Republican slogan on the ballot paper and placing it in the ballot box. With the impending visit of a member of the British ‘royal’ family to these shores in the next few months , that message will more than likely read ‘ BRITISH ‘ROYALS’ NOT WELCOME IN IRELAND!’ or some-such similar wording which , of course , this blog heartly endorses!

This blog also endorses a campaign in this part of Dublin Mid-West whereby hundreds of copies of the above-pictured ‘NOT A VOTE’ leaflet have been distributed in pubs , clubs , shopping centres and on a door-to-door basis by a team of people , some of whom would be supporters of Irish Republicanism and all of whom have one objective in mind : to register a protest not only against the candidates but against the political system itself in this State. The people involved have agreed to write both messages on their ballot paper (ie ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’ and ‘BRITISH ROYALS NOT WELCOME IN IRELAND’) and , in ‘return’ , local Republicans are using their own network to ensure a wider distribution of the leaflets.

The political candidates in this State are representative of the political system which , by its incompetence, has put people out of work and/or reduced the wage that those still working earn or would like you , by voting for them , to put them in a position of power whereby , whilst ‘feathering their own nest’ , they will be able to use your wages/social welfare money to re-pay the IMF , Brussels , and their business associates who have ‘financially over-extended’ themselves. In short , you would be voting to put King Herod in charge of the nursery !

On Friday , 25th February 2011 , do yourself , your children and the State a service – claim your ballot paper and write ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE!’ and/or ‘NO WELCOME FOR BRITISH ROYALS!’ on it : don’t give this man a job!

Thanks for reading,

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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