650 ON THE 10TH , 3 ON THE 7TH and 8TH….

650 ON THE 10TH + 3 ON THE 7TH and 8TH…..

This being the second Sunday of the month , the usual six of us spent the afternoon in a hotel on the Dublin/Kildare border , sorting through 650 raffle ticket stubs and making sure each stub was accompanied by the money for same – two Euro – , assembling the eight prize envelopes (pictured above) getting the forty result sheets ready for filling-in and selling the fifty tickets that were held back for sale on the day.
As there was some sporting event(s)-or-other
(!) being shown on the television today , the hotel bar and lounge were packed to capacity , and we very quickly ran out of tickets to sell : we ended-up apologising to dozens of people who came to our table looking to buy a ticket but – although it was no consolation to the ‘ticketless’ – we did have four winners ‘on site’ !
Congrats to those four – Ciarán , Tony and Jackie , Anne R. and M. Egan who , between them , pocketed €340 !
The other winners were Jody , Róisin , J. Casey and E. Murray , and the winning ticket numbers were – 485, 094, 546, 647, 247, 567, 542 and 021. In total , €440 in prize money was handed out today , and another such raffle will be held on Sunday 8th May next , in the same venue , at the same time
(between 3pm and 5pm) .
Incidentally , that same weekend will witness , on Saturday 7th May , the Annual Irish Hunger-Strikers Rally in Dublin City Centre
(assemble at the Garden of Remembrance at 1.45pm for the Parade to the GPO) and , that same evening , a Republican ballad session in the 79’r Pub in Ballyfermot , Dublin West , at which ‘The Druids’ will be playing : doors open at 9pm and admission is a fiver per person.
If we recover from those two events in time
(especially the latter one !) we’ll have another 650-ticket raffle to work on during Sunday afternoon. Can’t guarantee our hands will be too steady , though…..!

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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