Good to see this , and about time , too : a friend of mine , Dolores (Hi, Womble!) , whom I know from my ‘life’ outside politics (such as it is!) was ‘talking’ on ‘Facebook’ with some other friends and , naturally , the issue of the ever-increasing cost of living was mentioned. All were agreed that matters had gone way beyond just ‘tightening your belt’ (no space on same for more notches!) and so it was agreed that a stand should be taken , and discussions between the Ladies followed – resulting in this plan of action :

“On Thursday March 22nd , 2012, at 7pm, a Women’s Candlight protest will be held on the traffic isle in O’Connell St, Dublin, at the GPO.
Women, in the main, are the ones who juggle the finances and are at the coalface when there are cuts so this is a protest against
ALL the cuts and added taxes :health, social welfare, special needs, education, pensions, water charges, waste charges, household charge etc etc. It is time to stop bitching over coffee or to friends and show the contempt most of us feel for the government so any of you ladies please come along and fellas, tell your wives/partners/girlfriends and female friends. We need numbers if an impact is to be made. There is no political affiliation to this protest and no speechifying…..”

Good on ya , Dolores , and to all us Ladies : we are indeed “at the coalface” in that most of us look after (or do the best we can to look after) the household bills ,school ‘donations’ and the everyday ‘running costs’ that maintaining a roof over our heads entails , and we certainly cannot afford to pay, and do not ‘owe’, for the greed of the banking and political ‘elites’ that have brought this State , financially and morally , to its knees. Hopefully , hundreds of women will turn up in O’Connell Street on Thursday March 22nd next , at 7pm, to voice their disgust at the well-suited men and women who are attempting to inflict further financial damage on us. Let’s show ’em real ‘Girl Power’ !
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About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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