“…….we are angry at being portrayed as self-serving, overpaid, under-worked and dishonest people with overly generous pensions that we don’t pay for. Yes, there are public servants who fit into that category; they are represented by you and your colleagues, not us…..we are angry that we, our children and our children’s children have been sacrificed by this government to protect the people who bankrolled your party and robbed the Irish People. Men like Fingers and Seanie were held up by government as examples of entrepreneurial skill and business acumen but who were nothing more than ‘gombeen’ men.

We are angry at the arrogance of a government corrupted by years of power has lost touch with the reality of life on a modest salary; if they ever knew it at all. A government whose only agenda is to protect the economic traitors…..this government is misusing what it means to be Irish as they support a new aristocracy created in their image. This new aristocracy chooses whether to retain state pensions while still working as public representatives, using all means to spend vast resources on the few, while taking pay from the majority. This government have created a new class system……we are angry about NAMA. No, not the entity set up by government to bail out developers and speculators who reneged on their debts, the cost of which you have placed on the shoulders of generations of Irish workers to come. Yes, we are angry about that, but I am talking about the NAMA that the government is, The National Assets Mismanagement Agency……the government of which you are a long serving member has mismanaged the wealth of this country for more than a decade by allowing our assets to be plundered and robbed by bankers and speculators and you are making generations of Irish workers pay the price for this treachery. You did this because bankers and speculators have bought your party, and in return you have sacrificed the greater good and prosperity of the Irish Nation for the benefit of the few – the few who have now taken their ill-gotten gains and secured them in tax havens around the world. Truly, a government of national sabotage……In the face of the unwarranted attack by the government on the workers and unemployed of this country the Garda Representative Association has stood head and shoulders above other trade unions. We have shown leadership, temerity, tenaciousness and courage. We have lead from the front…..”

– an extract from a speech prepared , two years ago this month, by Michael O’Boyce , for delivery at a GRA meeting at which Fianna Fail elected representatives were to be present. The speech was not actually read out but it should have been : apart from the usual ‘Free Stateism’-type of language ie “…this country….national…..the Irish Nation…” – its tenure is true : the source , however , is as bent , corrupt and unprincipled as that which it almost condemned.

“The front…” which Mr. O’Boyce referenced in his undelivered speech is instantly recognisable to Irish Republicans : it is that which has continually protected those that its leadership describes as the ‘…gombeen men (and women)….who have sabotaged and robbed the people…’ Indeed , two years ago when that undelivered speech first hit the headlines , some of the more innocent amongst us (not Irish Republicans , I hasten to add !) thought (and hoped!) that it heralded the laying-down of a marker to the corrupt Leinster House practices in this society when , unfortunately , all it really represented was the feelings of individuals who , unlike their ‘Masters’ , had been hit in the pocket – like the rest of us – to bail out the friends of those same ‘Masters’.

Disgruntled State employees , in other words , who thought that those they protect would exclude them from the financial ‘penalities’ they were imposing on everybody else. ‘Gombeen men and women’ , in short…..

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