(My first non-political , ‘sporting’ post : tongue-in-cheek , as you’ll notice but , if we can’t slag ourselves then we’re in worse condition that we thought we were !)

The two lads that work with me on this blog are in the depths of despair as I write this : they are now listening to some soccer pundits/’experts’ on the television who are desperately attempting to explain why it is that this Free State soccer team have just lost 4-0 to Spain – apparently , it is mostly someone else’s fault !

We have…..

….bitten off more than we can chew !

I can safely predict that there will be HUGE demonstrations of relief in the streets of this ‘alice-through-the-looking-glass’ State tomorrow and that a State-wide holiday will be declared by the losers – the ones in Leinster House , that is – in recognition of the fact that the team only lost by four goals , and not by the 27 that Spain deserved.

So don’t be…..

….a cry-baby………

…..take your head…

….out of the sand………

…go and have….

….another drink………

….and just keep in mind…..

….that the Irish bull (!) will get its own back against the Spanish bully someday. Or not !

Anyway : we haven’t lost everything in regards to the soccer talent and skill that ‘our team’ possess : I believe that Robbie and those he takes to the pitch with will at least be declared the ‘First Team To Be sent Home’ , and no-one can now take that ‘victory’ away from us. Not even Robbie and Co, it seems… !

Thanks for reading – and no more ‘sporting posts’ from now on – promise….!


About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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