Whatever about the 4-0 defeat to Spain suffered by the soccer team representing this State , the Irish fans that were in the stadium for that match have received high praise for the dignified manner in which they held their composure even though they knew the game was up (!) , and rightly so. The Irish ballad about An Gorta Mór – the enforced ‘famine’ in this country – was sung long and loud by those supporters , much to the surprise of the Spanish team and supporters , and that of the media covering the match.

The ‘Trevelyan’ mentioned in the song is a British ‘landlord’ and political Administrator for Westminster who , like so many of his type at the time , could have helped the people but , again as his type done , instead used the situation to increase ‘his’ holdings and personal wealth.
Anyway : enough politics – let’s talk sports ! And I
know I said I wouldn’t do anymore ‘sporty’ posts , as it’s not my favourite subject and I have no real interest in the ‘field’ (!) but the two lads from this Parish and everyone else who has attempted (unsuccessfully!) to get me interested in this ‘game’ are of the opinion that the Italians , whom this Free State team are to play against on Monday 18th June next , will ‘walk all over us’ and thrash ‘the Boys in Green’ by at least 3-1 ?

My solution – the above-mentioned ‘Irish Solution…’ – – is this : enter Robbie Keane ,the rest of that team and the singing supporters into the Eurovision Song Contest where they might have a chance of winning something and round-up as many of the Free State acts from that singing contest as we can find with such short notice and put them out on the pitch on Monday night to have a go at the Italians ; that way , when ‘our lads’ loose, we can save some face by stating the bleedin’ obvious in declaring – “But of course the Italians won ; sure it wasn’t a proper team they were playing against…..!”

Although , come to think of it , we’ll be able to say that anyway 😉

Thanks for reading,

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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