The Provisional Sinn Féin leadership agreed today that one of its British Ministers should officially ‘meet and greet’ a British ‘queen’ on Irish soil : an ‘1169…’ photographer was present at the meeting which was held behind locked doors and took this HISTORIC !!! and EXCLUSIVE !!! picture of the PSF Ard Chomhairle , just as the ‘historic decision’ was made –

Much laughter ensued when Lord McGuinness asked if he would be expected to courtesy before or after he kisses her hand , and he was given a second copy of the protocol involved – his first such copy was rendered useless as someone had dribbled uncontrollably over it…..

To properly mark this latest honour , Lord McGuinness has formally requested that he be granted the title ‘Lord MacGilpatrick‘ , after a man he regards as a hero , and it is expected that his request will be granted , as he is known to be ‘well got’ with the ‘In Crowd’.

Elsewhere in ‘New Reality Land’ , a close colleague of Lord MacGilPatrick , Norman Tebbit , who used to restore old buildings for a living , congratulated his friend , following which both men condemned what they called “…those Bastard Republicans , those with no property and no stake or interest in our new way forward…” – unfortunately , the remainder of their comment was drowned out by the seriously loud spinning noise which rose at that exact time from each and every Republican grave in Ireland….

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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