These few pics are from the 36th Annual CABHAIR Christmas Day Swim , which was held at the 3rd Lock of the Grand Canal in Inchicore , Dublin , on 25th December 2012. More pics from this event can be seen here and here , posts dated Wednesday 26th December 2012.

Waterproof. And the tattoos weren’t affected, either !

These two weren’t waterproof , but obviously had only one towel between them !

SB harass SC at the entrance to the CABHAIR Swim site , Tuesday 25th December 2012.

Santa sandwiched between two tins!

And that’s it , for this year’s Swim : a big ‘GRMA’ to CABHAIR for , as usual (and as expected!) putting-on a first-class event for the POW’s and their loved ones, and a big ‘Thank You’ , also, to the eight swimmers and to the dozens of on-lookers and to the many local shops , pubs , clubs etc that provided the ‘goodies’ that were available on the day. Thanks , everyone, for all your work and contribution. Much appreciated !

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A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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