By Peadar O’Donnell ; first published in January 1963.

I found myself not only rejecting the view of the townlands which Paddy Hogan’s friends had imposed on him, but denying to myself the townlands’ idea of themselves. All I wanted now was to get out of this office without committing myself to anything and, when I rose to go, he asked me what I intended to do next, and he added hastily that it was just that he was interested.

I told him I had no idea in the world, for I always counted on being able to make terms with him ; he asked me if I wanted the interview kept secret and I laughed and told him he might as well shout it, for if he did not there were plenty of others who would. We did not shake hands when I entered nor yet when I left, but I have always thought of that interview as a friendly one. Later when I read where he charged de Valera with surf-riding to Office on the crest of a communist agitation promoted by myself I did think, now and then , of ringing him up to ask him what it felt like to be flushed down the gutters of history by a Movement he all but recited the prayers for the dead over in my presence, but somehow I never got around to it.

I was sorry when I read of his death in a motor accident – fighting him was a rewarding experience : he was a man of great gifts and no scruples. (MORE LATER).



From ‘IRIS’ magazine, Easter 1991.

By Martin Spain.

Yet 1916 demonstrated to the Irish public the true nature of the British presence in Ireland. The tendency of most people to accept the status quo was challenged by the audacity of the Rising itself and more so in the weeks following the Rising as the British responded with typical mailed fist, executing the leaders and others. People felt a sense of outrage at Britain’s brutal crushing of the rebellion, despite the comments of certain sections of the press.

The Catholic Church condemned the rebels, although it jumped on the nationalist band-wagon later, eventually choosing the ‘right side’ as usual – the Free State victors. The ‘Irish Times’ newspaper wrote that “….the insurrection was the work of a minority. Ireland as a whole regards it with dismay and horror. She is burning to repair the shame, and make herself worthy of her gallant sons in France…” and the ‘Irish News’ newspaper wrote , on May 4th 1916 – as the executions continued in Kilmainham – “…..the whole sad business was conceived and planned , and carried into fatal effect, without the knowlwdge or sanction of the Irish nation. Had it been possible to take a vote of the people of the country on the issue, 99% of them would have declared against such an attempt without hesitation and with all the power of protest they could muster…..the wise counsel of earnest and patriotic leaders will not be flouted henceforward by the hot-headed members of the Irish community….our confidence unimpaired and our faith imperishable in those leaders remain. With them is Ireland’s certainty of freedom…”

It is to such establishment views of the time that the revisionists of today draw attention and agree. Such views, though, were soon to be swamped as the executions awoke a sense of outrage among Irish people….(MORE LATER).


(O.M.G. !!! (…as they say over there!) – not another New York-type piece from yer wan….!)

Mr Bill Willis , New York Stock Exchange Trader and MD of Albert Fried and Company : whatever one thinks of the capitalist institution that a ‘stock exchange’ is , Mr. Willis proves that not all of those who work in that field are money-orientated fiends who are only concerned with their own profits and that of the company they work with/for….

During what one presumes to be a ‘run-of-the-mill’ finance/business-related television interview (in connection with, in this instance, the overall financial ‘hit’ that a G8 meeting could produce) , the stockbroker being interviewed happily availed of the occasion – twice – to voice his opinion in regards to the location where that particular meeting was being held – Fermanagh , in British-occupied Ireland. And the interviewer , and the station she works for (‘IBTimesTV’) had the moral decency and the courage (unlike the two main television stations in this State) to broadcast his words without censoring them. A breath of fresh air , without a doubt, in that particular economic field and one which would encourage me to listen to Mr. Willis in future, should I happen across him during my three-times-daily trawl of financial-market news (!) .But , seriously, it felt great to hear that sentiment expressed , in that fashion, and it cheered me up no end. Full marks to you , Bill – keep it up , please : we need such common-sense opinion, delivered in that plain English, as often as we can get it.

Meanwhile , as Bill Willis grabbed his opportunity , this man – an ‘Irish Rebel’ – has been gifted many such opportunities but refuses to avail of them preferring, instead, to play with his ding-dong in the same institution where Bill works. Truly a sad state of affairs when a capitalist market-trader is seen (and heard) to be more Irish republican-minded than a so-called ‘leader of Irish republicanism’.


Since 1986 , regardless of the ‘uniform’ they wore, their intention was always to secure a deal in which they would gain a political career.

“Don’t scab for the bosses

Don’t listen to their lies

Poor folks ain’t got a chance

Unless they organize…..”

The call for those being unjustly penalised to ‘organise in defence of themselves’ has been twisted in this instance by political pet-rebel ‘cute hoors’ into an opportunity by which they can join those doing the penalising and at the same time give the impression to their politically gullible supporters that they are still ‘fighting the good fight’.

The “which side….” question is actually redundant as far as Irish republicans are concerned , and has been so for the past 27 years , which was when the Provisional Sinn Féin movement morphed into a constitutional political party. However , a song composed in 1931 by Florence Reece has recently been ‘updated’ with new background graphics by Irish republicans and the finished product helps to highlight the many contradictions and the hypocrisy of being preached to, and condemned by, a ‘gamekeeper’ who used to be a ‘poacher’. Turn your speakers on and click that last link , then click here and help us to ‘organise’ against that type of charlatan.


A Free State Banker Baron , who may be forced to work for a living unless his equally workshy and useless colleagues in Leinster House bail him out with other people’s money….

“Get into the fucking simple speak. We need the moolah , you have it, so you’re going to give it to us and when would that be? If you want the fucking keys now, I can give them to you. So I’m relaxed about it…….” (from here , more of same here.)

The words , attitude and overall verbal demeanour belay the confident arrogance of a person who considers himself to be dealing with someone whom he believes to be present simply to do as instructed, in the unspoken agreed knowledge that both parties are aware that innocent bystanders , and those not yet born, will ‘pick up the tab’ when the particular pyramid scheme under discussion collapses.

The so-called ‘Anglo Tapes’ have been making the headlines here for the last few weeks , and rightly so, with disgust and contempt from those of us that have been informed that it is our ‘duty’ to provide , financially, for the debt incurred by these useless politicians and their ‘bankster’ colleagues. But the ‘bigger sin’ , to my mind, anyway, is the fact that this whole fiasco (which actually began in the early 2000’s – in the so-called ‘boom’ – and not in the late 2000’s , as some would have us believe) was known about by the public back then but still the majority paid over extra money in double-tax (bin tax , household tax , property tax , water tax) , when it was demanded from them, despite knowing that the reason same was being taken from them was to cover the cost of the ‘bad bets’ made by the aforementioned criminal classes.

In my opinion , those that paid-up should be charged with aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime and those that ‘forced’ them to pay-up should be charged with taking advantage of the mentally disabled. To paraphrase Camille Claudel ‘I have never been in the mood to be deceived by the crafty devil and false character whose greatest pleasure is to take advantage of everyone.’ By allowing themselves to be ‘deceived’ , those people inadvertently damn the rest of us as well.


“It’s my choice not to have a choice when I choose not to have a choice….”

In relation to an abortion bill which is currently being processed in this State – and which is proving troublesome for some of those involved, Enda Kenny included, if his election ‘promise’ re same means anything to the man (as if…!) – he has practically apologised to fellow-Fine Gaelers who are opposed to that legislation for being powerless to address their concerns because of ‘constitutional issues’ which “bound” him “to comply with the Constitution of our country…..” (sic) and he stated that he does not “have the luxury” of being able to pick and choose which (State) constitutional rights he will comply with or not.

However , it appears that Mr. Kenny and his political colleagues in the State do indeed have such a “luxury” , when it suits them , that is : a Mr. William Finnerty , from Galway, has for some time now being attempting to challenge the political Establishment in this State by continually highlighting their breaches of the ‘rule book’ (ie the State Constitution) which those politicians claim to be “bound” by. His efforts have been either ignored or misrepresented and , no doubt, will have resulted in having his ‘State file’ red-flagged and placed in a prominent position in the ‘Person of Interest’ folder. In my opinion , this State will never be changed , politically, if those attempting to bring about such change rely on the State ‘rule book’ as their main weapon but, having said that, I wish Mr. Finnerty every success in his endeavours and I hope he has the stamina to continue his work. Those he is attempting to expose are ‘Establishment’ members fuelled by privilege and wealth and are supported by those who either are or aspire to belong to that ‘camp’. And they are ruthless in seeking to secure that which they have already grabbed , regardless of what the ‘rule book’ they purport to be governed by may instruct. Let’s be careful out there , William.

Thanks for reading,

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