By Peadar O’Donnell ; first published in January 1963.

I had in mind to challenge the committee on the instructions they sent me at some point in that evening’s procedure, if I could make the opportunity, and this was the best form in which opportunity could present itself. I said I had not being asked what I thought was best to do but there was no need to ask me , for it was agreed among us that if ever the committee thought this struggle was beyond us, I would go to Hogan and try to make peace.

The committee asked me to do that and I tried , but failed. You face two dangers , I told them, the seizure of cattle and imprisonment. None of you thought there was any danger in the Land Commission’s threat to sell your holdings, for no neighbour would buy a farm that the Land Commission put up for sale and no stranger would be let live in one. So there were only the danger of seizure and the danger of jail , and we were in a better position to hold our own against seizures than ever before.

But jail was different : I could say that I do not think the Government would dare use that weapon much , but much or little jail scared people. Men who risked their lives freely outside will give any pledge asked of them to get out of jail. I hated to think of jail for any of them.(MORE LATER).



From ‘IRIS’ magazine, Easter 1991.

By Martin Spain.

This they hold , but they have no right to the mantle of inheritors of 1916. Republicans continue to claim that mantle and look to an Ireland free from foreign domination and respectful of the civil and religious liberties of all its citizens.

Charles Haughey , during his Presidential Address to the recent Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis , quoted that section of the 1916 Proclamation which promises to ‘cherish all the children of the nation equally’. Rather than pay lip-service to such aspirations , republicans aim to make them reality.




Pat Cannon (left),Dublin, and Peter McElchar ,Donegal.

In 1955 , the year in which Pat Cannon was born , splits were occurring in the IRA, as several small groups, impatient for action, launched their own attacks in the Occupied Six Counties. One such activist, Brendan O’Boyle, blew himself up with his own bomb in the summer of that year. Another, Liam Kelly, founded a breakaway group ‘Saor Uladh‘ (‘Free Ulster’) and in November 1955, attacked a Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) barracks at Roslea in County Fermanagh. One RUC man was badly injured and a Republican fighter was killed in the incident. In August of the following year, Kelly and another ex-IRA , Joe Christle, burned down some customs posts on the border.

In the UK general election of 1955, Sinn Féin candidates were elected MPs for the Mid-Ulster and Fermanagh and South Tyrone constituencies in the Occupied Six Counties, with a total of 152,310 votes. The following is the Election Manifesto that the then Sinn Féin organisation put to the people :

Sinn Féin election manifesto, Westminster Elections – 1955.

The following document was published by Sinn Féin in 1955.


In the Election of 1918 the Irish People, by an overwhelming majority repudiated the claims of England and her parliament to rule them and they established the Irish Republic which was proclaimed in arms in 1916. The Republican Government and State then established were later overthrown by England and the nation was partitioned into two statelets. The cardinal objective of the Irish People is the restoration of the Republic thus unlawfully subverted.

The resurgent confidence of Irish men and women in their own strength and ability to achieve the full freedom of their country and the right of its citizens to live in peace, prosperity and happiness has enabled Sinn Féin to contest all 12 seats in this Election and give an opportunity to our people in the Six Counties to vote for Ireland, separate and free.Sinn Féin candidates are pledged to sit only in a republican Parliament for all Ireland. Apart altogether from the futility of the procedure, sending representatives to an alien legislature is in effect attempting to give it semblance of authority to legislate for and govern the people of North-East Ulster. Sinn Féin candidates seek the votes of the electorate and the support of the Irish people as the representatives of the Republican Movement now on the onward march towards achievement of the National ideal — the enthronement of the Sovereign Irish Republic.

The winning of seats in these elections will not be regarded by Sinn Féin as an end in itself, nor will the results, whatever they be, effect in any way the determination of Republicans to forge ahead towards their objective. Neither will the number of votes recorded for the Republican candidates be looked upon as something in the nature of a plebiscite affecting in any way the right of Ireland to full and complete freedom. That right is inalienable and non-judicable and must never be put in issue through referendum of a section of population nor of the people of the country at large. Through the medium of the election machinery, Sinn Féin aims at providing an opportunity for the electorate, in all constituencies, and for the people of the country to renew their allegiance to Ireland, and by their support of the Republican candidates demonstrate to England and to the world the right of an ancient and historic nation to its complete and absolute freedom and independence.

Sinn Féin has been charged with disruptionist tactics. The aim of Sinn Féin today as always is to secure unity of thought, purpose and deed in the achievement of separate nationhood. Bigotry, persecution and sectarianism have no place in the Sinn Féin programme. Republican policy has ever been to secure civil and religious freedom for the Irish Nation and the individual citizens.Ireland and all its resources belongs to the Irish people. Sinn Féin will, with the consent of the Irish people, organise and develop the resources of the nation for the benefit of its citizens irrespective of class or creed. The continued occupation of Ireland by England makes such development impossible, since England has succeeded in making effective in Ireland the Imperial dictum of “Divide and Conquer” thereby impoverishing not only the Irish people but the material resources of the country as well.

Sinn Féin appeals to all Irishmen to forget all past dissension’s and to demonstrate by their support of the Sinn Féin candidates their opposition to English occupation and their determination to achieve National Independence.

Published by Sinn Féin Northern Election Committee, Divis Street, Belfast and printed by the Cromac Printery, Belfast.

The big news of that 1955 election was Sinn Fein’s two seats and its 23.6% of the vote. Sinn Fein’s two successful candidates in Mid-Ulster and Fermanagh & South Tyrone had been imprisoned for their part in the raid on Omagh. Philip Clarke and Thomas Mitchell were the successful Sinn Fein candidates for Fermanagh & South Tyrone and Mid Ulster respectively. However as they were serving prison sentences they were deemed ineligible to serve in the House of Commons. In that same year – 1955 – a child was born in Dublin on November 28th : he was one of a family of seven (three girls and four boys) and his name was Pat Cannon. He and his family lived in Edenmore, on the northside of Dublin city and he became a fitter/welder by trade. He joined the IRA whilst still a teenager and soon became a trusted member of that organisation.

On Saturday , 17th July 1976 , Pat Cannon , 5 months shy of his 21st birthday, and his comrade , Peter McElchar from Donegal ,set out in a car in which they were transporting an explosive device. They crossed the border from Donegal into Tyrone and were approaching the town of Castlederg at about 2.15pm when the device exploded prematurely. Peter McElchar was killed instantly. Patrick Cannon was gravely injured and was taken to Tyrone County Hospital in Omagh. He was being transferred to hospital in Belfast when he died.

The Annual Pat Cannon Commemoration will be held on Saturday 27th July (2013) – those attending are asked to assemble at 1pm at the gates of the old cemetery in Balgriffin , Dublin. All genuine Republicans welcome!


Republicans will be a wee bit busier than usual in August this year , as the Movement expands and reorganises.

At the time of writing , the calendar of events for August 2013 includes the following six events , with possibly a few more to be added over the next week or two : on Sunday 4th August , the annual Roger Casement Commemoration will be held at Murlough Bay , in County Antrim – those attending are asked to assemble in the area of the second carpark at 2pm.

Two events will be held on the following Sunday (11th August) : IRA Volunteers Willie Gaughran and Richard Goss will be remembered in Saint Patrick’s Cemetery in Dundalk , County Louth , the assembly point being across from the Lisdoo Inn pub at 2.30pm and , in Dublin on that same day, the CABHAIR organisation will hold a 650-ticket fundraiser in a hotel on the Dublin/Kildare border. On Sunday 18th , those who recognise that Derry (or any other Irish city) should not be described as a ‘UK City of Culture’ (or ‘UK City of…’ anything else, for that matter!) will assemble in Guildhall Square in Derry at 3pm to once again challenge the pro-establishment propaganda that Derry is a ‘UK city’.

The 100th Anniversary of the 1913 Lockout will be marked in Wynn’s Hotel in Lower Abbey Street in Dublin on Tuesday 27th August at 7pm , when a seminar with guest speakers will be held and , finally (so far, anyway !) the Annual Hunger Strike Commemoration will be held , as usual , in Bundoran in County Donegal on Saturday 31st August : those attending are asked to assemble at the East End. Hopefully , most of our Irish readers will be able to make it to one or more of the above-mentioned events and show their support for the objectives of the Republican Movement.


This was the scene outside a Dublin pub last Wednesday night (17th July 2013) as republicans and others queued up to buy Pat Rabbitte a drink….

Although his place of ‘work’ , Leinster House, was open until at least 9pm or later that night (those who didn’t bunk off were debating , and then due to vote on, a ‘Private Member’s Bill’ on the reform of the State Gardaí) , Pat Rabbitte and at least two of his political buddies left ‘work’ early (about 7.30pm) and went to a pub to play with/update their phones or to have a drink , depending on how you view the video!

Poor Pat , who has more than played his part in finishing-off this financially and morally lame duck of a State (he, too, has ‘done the State some service…’ [or ‘Done the State. Some service’.] !) frantically attempted to use his mobile phone to download an app to make himself invisible but, when that didn’t work, he just sat there , trying to use his phone to find out why it was he couldn’t download such an app as the protesters got louder and louder. This wasn’t Pat’s first encounter with reality whilst out and about enjoying himself (see this short video, in which Pat hasn’t got his phone but is obviously just as easily distracted by his food) but sure isn’t that what you tend to do when you have the misfortune to meet the likes of him on your travels ?

Pat’s political colleague in Clondalkin , Robert Dowds , has never been approached in that manner in a pub or restaurant (as far as we know , anyway : if you know differently, please notify us on ‘asifigiveadamn@gmail.com….!) but, had he been, he might have been able to handle it better because of his past training. Whilst busy (!) as a Labour Party Councillor for the Clondalkin area , Robert was employed in a full-time capacity as a teacher (he taught at Scoil Mochua in Clondalkin and before that he was the Principal of St. John’s National [sic] School in the area ). He was elected to Leinster House in the February 2011 State ‘General Election’ and , as a result, had to vacate his Council seat , which the Labour Party filled by co-opting a local Labour Party activist – also a school teacher. That much is public knowledge but less well known is the fact that Robert pocketed over €36,000 as a ‘farewell gesture’ from the Council (which gets its money from the taxpayer) meaning that he can well afford to eat out in restaurants and/or go for drinkies in posh Dublin pubs.

So , if his pal , Pat, needs a bodyguard , Robbie has the money for the high life (as, indeed, does Pat) plus the former has some experience of dealing with ‘unruly’ members of the public ! (DISCLAIMER : the pic on the left is as unconnected with this article as the Labour Party is with socialism….)

Incidentally , ‘Pat the App’ tried to play the confrontation down by light-heartedly suggesting that the protesters ‘missed a bigger target’ – the EU/ECB/IMF ‘troika’ were in that same pub at the time – and Pat’s friends in RTE just about mentioned the incident in their news bulletin. Hopefully , Rabbitte and his type will experience many more protests like this , whether they are ‘on duty’ or ‘off duty’ , or ‘off duty’ whilst supposed to be ‘on duty’ !


David Norris – ‘Between ‘T’ and ‘C’ insert ‘F’…..

I almost feel sorry for the man (…well, to be honest, I’ve felt like that in relation to him for years now!) but me thinks he doth protest too much! (See ‘Blistering Attack’ video , here.)

And , from his point of view, I suppose , understandably so : he stands to be out of pocket by a salary of €1,400 a week , not including expenses , if that useless institution is closed down and , as he himself now no doubt realises , if he had to work for a living he’d be doing well to take home half that amount. And it must be impossible to maintain an accent like that on anything less than a grand a week. Anyway – I presume it was because the poor man was all in a tizzy when he accused Enda Kenny of trying “…to corrupt the Senate..” that he omitted the word ‘further’ between the first and second words quoted in that snippet , the rest of which can be read here. If you continue to be sloppy like that , David , you never will get a proper job if/when the political creche you’re in now ever does close its doors for good , and that decision will, apparently, be taken on Friday 4th October 2013 when, in part due to the level of disgust expressed by the people of this State towards that useless self-serving institution, a vote will be held on whether to abolish it or not : campaign and vote ‘YES’, and watch as the ‘tizzy’ spreads amongst the spongers that inhabit that talking shop and , in doing so, put its ‘parent company’ , Leinster House, on notice that it , too, is not beyond the wrath of the people.


The pic on the left shows the ‘uniform’ that the new PSF ‘Lord Major’ of Belfast wants to wear. Same is modelled by a Máirtín Ó Muilleoir look-a-like, as Máirtín was busy elsewhere (laying down a red carpet for himself…) .

‘(Provisional) Sinn Fein’s Máirtín Ó Muilleoir said he intended keeping a copy of the 1916 Proclamation of an Irish Republic alongside signed photographs of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the late Queen Mother in the Lord Mayor’s parlour during his year in office.He added that he would “very seriously consider” any invitation to meet a member of the royal family as Lord Mayor…he said he was already in discussion with the Royal British Legion to create a Remembrance Day event he could attend….’

During the same interview , this press baron apparently got a wee bit stroppy when asked what he felt about his new ‘title’ : “The correct title is Lord Mayor and you should treat people as you would wish to be treated. There are people in this city who revere these titles and why would we poke them in the eye with a stick?” he asked , and continued on to state that , after his election to that High Office (!) , he went to Mass with his mother (to offer advice to his God, no doubt…) and that he was “…amazed..” that there wasn’t more people in attendance. Had they known you were going to grace them with your presence, Your Worship, I’m sure it would have been standing-room only. Anyway ; if you have the stomach for it , you can read the rest of that dribble here. I have better things to be doing with my time , like taking one of my corgis for a walk and then reading a few more verses from the ‘Vicar of Bray’

When William, our Deliverer came,

To heal the Nations Grievance,

I turn’d the Cat in Pan again,

And swore to him Allegiance:

Old Principles I did revoke,

Set Conscience at a distance,

Passive obedience is a Joke,

A Jest is non resistance.


“(The Irish) need put out of their homes….”

’12th Of July’ riots are a common occurrence in the six occupied counties in the North-East of Ireland and are organised as part-and-parcel of the Orange Order’s ‘triumphalist parades’ through areas in which they have no support and are not wanted or welcomed.

It should by now be obvious to all that the ‘OO’ need even bigger EU grants if it is to successfully promote its aim of “…. tolerance and mutual respect..” to its own supporters , as some of those rioters look like they haven’t got a pound between them. More money will no doubt solve that ‘problem’ (if , that is, it filters down to the ground-level thugs from their leadership) and , it seems, the more they riot the better the case their ‘Grand Masters’ can make. Condemn their supporters for rioting they may , but they know they need them as leverage , especially in regards to their finances. And as long as that scenario is allowed to continue , more of this can be expected.

Thanks for reading,

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