Going back to at least the early 1970’s, the Republican Movement and supportive and affiliated organisations have come together each year to choose a handful of individuals who are deemed suitable emissaries to represent all that Irish Republicanism stands for and that which it seeks to obtain. Having decided on the best honorees possible , a dinner, dance and reunion is held to properly convey the Movement’s appreciation to those people. And that pleasurable task has been undertaken this year, too.

On Saturday May 23rd 2015 , six Irish Republicans will be honoured at a CABHAIR function to be held for them in a Dublin hotel, at which a presentation will be made to each of them. Those six notable stalwarts of Irish Republicanism are : Tommy Morris, Westmeath, (Leinster); Margaret Dobbin, Antrim, (Ulster); Brendan Madden, Galway, (Connacht); Donal and Tom Malone, Tipperary, (Munster) and John Kelly, Pennsylvania, (USA). This blog extends warmest ‘Congrats!’ to those Honorees, and we hope all concerned have a great night, as they deserve it. Well done to ye all – Ni Seoinini Sinn Go Leir!


Last month, 28 women who protested peacefully in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, against US President Ronald Reagan’s visit to Ireland received £1000 each arising from their action for wrongful arrest. Gene Kerrigan recalls the weekend when another State determined Irish security requirements and details the garda action which could cost tens of thousands of pounds. From ‘Magill’ magazine, May 1987.

The women do not on the whole have complaints about the personal behaviour of the gardai in the station : while there may have been roughness (Mary Duffy was dragged downstairs by her ankles) and individual brusqueness, some of the women considered that the gardai were embarrassed by their duties. Among any group of 33 women the chances are that several will be menstruating, and several of the women in the Bridewell were having their periods. They asked for sanitary towels and were told that the Bridewell provides “only basics”.

“You know what it’s like to bleed in your knickers?” , went an appeal to a ban garda, and it worked – she got three of her own tampax and brought them to the cells, but they weren’t enough. It wasn’t until Ruth-Anne FitzGerald, the barrister, found out what was happening and went to a local shop and came back with bags full of sanitary towels that the women were provided with what the Bridewell authorities do not consider ‘basics’. One woman, a student, was distraught – she had exams to sit the next day and didn’t know if she would be free by then. Mary Duffy, a thalidomide victim, was eventually put in a cell with some other women ; she had been wearing a coat belonging to someone else when she was searched and the gardai had taken away a nail scissors found in a pocket. Very clever, she mused, they must be afraid I’ll cut my wrists!

In one cell there was a shortage of matches, so one cigarette was kept going at all times. Ventilation was lously – there was a small square of thick glass high up on the wall, another square of thick glass over the door and one 60-watt bulb burning outside. You got milk and sugar in your tea whether or not you liked it, and mashed potatoes and ham. Some of the women were vegetarians. (MORE LATER).



Those are the traditional, conservative forces within the Provos ranged against the Northern radicals. Although there have been symbolic victories for them, notably the fusion, or takeover as some see it, of ‘Republican News’ with the Dublin based ‘An Phoblacht’, the real political debate has centred on the Provos 1972 policy document, ‘Eire Nua!’

That document is identified in most people’s minds with two traditional leaders, Sinn Fein President Ruairí Ó Brádaigh and Vice President Dáithí Ó Conaill . At Sinn Fein’s last Ard Fheis held in January 1980, but actually 1979’s Ard Fheis, that document was changed for the first time since the new policy document which was adopted, ‘Eire Nua – the social, economic and political dimension’, was more a change in emphasis than substance. The language was more socialist than the 1972 document but some controversial clauses especially relating to the right to land ownership, merely changed or deleted by Sinn Fein’s ruling body, the Ard Comhairle.

But what that document did do was to set in motion a series of moves which the radicals hope will turn the Provisionals leftwards. A women’s committee was set up to devise a policy document to be debated at the next Ard Fheis. The policy which it has devised reflects the difficulties the radicals are having converting their more conservative and catholic sisters. Women who have had abortions are not condemned but the system that forced them to is. Moral issues like contraception and divorce should, the committee decided, be left to individuals.

Similarly, an Economic Resistance campaign was re-emphasised in the new document and a committee headed by Post Office Engineering trade unionist, Paddy Bolger, also set up to devise a policy for the next Ard Fheis.The economic resistance campaign foresees the involvement of Sinn Fein in trade union struggles like the P A YE marches and opposition to the National (sic) Wage Agreement and to push republican issues at grass roots union level. It also intends to encourage housing, unemployment and social agitation by the republican movement. Those two developments reflect a political change in Republican thinking that is part and parcel of the IRA’s long war scenario. If the IRA must stay around to fight that war, say the radicals, then Sinn Féin must have something other than the initially intoxicating, but in the long term irrelevant, slogan of ‘Brits Out!’ (MORE LATER).


“The Irish railwaymen, on their own initiative, without waiting for direction from any authority, decided not to participate in the transport of British munitions of war…” – the words of Tom Johnson, the then leader of the ‘Irish Labour Party’.

On this date (20th May) in 1920, Dublin dockers and railway workers began a boycott against the British ‘war effort’ and refused to work in a situation which would bring them into contact with British troops or British munitions in Ireland (an initiative which lasted until the end of that year – the British government ‘imported’ scab drivers and threatened to withhold funding from the railway companies here, which forced an end to the action), resulting in those occupation forces having to travel by road – not easily done, as the IRA dug trenches and/or destroyed same with explosives on a regular basis, so as to inhibit enemy movement.

The workers were already refusing to export foodstuffs to England, as those foods were needed here. Dublin IRA man Larry Nugent stated re that period – “The food situation in the city [Dublin] was still bad. Essential foodstuffs were very scarce and prices were prohibitive. Still the exports to England were increasing. Then on April 17th the dockers at the North Wall refused to load foodstuffs for England. This action relieved the scarcity in Dublin. The food position in Ireland during the years 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920 and most of 1921 was really bad. Butter, eggs, bacon, sugar and other foods were almost unobtainable. At the same time great quantities were being shipped to Britain under the British food control orders…” (…similar to this legislation).

That, of course, was a period in our history when the trade union leadership had not yet been purchased by the employers/business interests/political administration and genuinely seen its role as fighting for improved conditions for workers as opposed to now, when that same leadership works hand-in-glove with employers/business interests/political administration in using workers to advance their own personal and political careers. They are, in effect, the equivalent of the 1920’s ‘scab train drivers’ and deserve to be treated with equal contempt.


By all accounts, the ‘Yes’ vote will triumph on Friday 22nd May 2015, in the ‘Gay Marriage’ referendum which will be held in this State on that date. Practically every media outlet here (which, by the way, have to be either licensed by the State and/or are controlled by State-orientated business people) has entered the fray on the ‘Yes’ side, some more blatantly so than others. But we have been here before, in ‘Yes-is-the-winning-number’ territory, only to witness a ‘silent majority’ spoil everything for the political forecasters and, no doubt, if such an ‘upset’ occurs in this State on May 22nd, we will most likely be given a second opportunity to ‘correct’ ourselves!

I have already outlined my position on this issue and nothing I have read or heard in the past few weeks has given me reason to think twice, never mind to consider actually changing my mind. Indeed, such is the haste here by the ‘Vote Yes’ leadership to show how ‘liberal and with-the-times’ they are that they almost (accidentally?) succeeded in outlawing marriage between a man and a woman! I’m going to follow my own advice in the polling booth and vote ‘No’ to gay marriage (because I believe gender matters, especially where children are concerned) and will then purposely spoil my ‘presidential age’ vote by writing ‘Abolish the Office’ on it. And why wouldn’t I – not being a ‘with-it’ liberal, that is….


“Products of centuries of intermarrying between families, the questionable art of breeding human livestock has been cultivated to its extreme by different royal houses of (mostly) German descent festering over the European continent for many a century. As a result, this unholy, age-old cesspool of interbreeding gave birth to the most malicious type of human imaginable: the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha chieftain…..” (…from here.)

Representatives of the above-mentioned human livestock breeding experiment are due to visit this country for four days this month and, while Irish republicans oppose the visit, Free Staters and nationalists are almost wetting themselves with excitement and the media outlets here are delighted to use the opportunity to show how ‘cosmopolitan’ they are ; indeed, one of those media conglomerates has, in keeping with its confused outlook, described Ireland as consisting of two countries (‘Their Royal Highnesses will also visit Northern Ireland (sic) in the same period. The four-day visit to both countries will take place from 19th to 22nd May 2015……'[from here]) and, indeed, this visit has shown that ‘confusion’ also exists in those that used to know better : the ex-republican political party, Provisional Sinn Féin, has stated that it will be represented at various ‘royal’ events during the four-day circus now that “…the conflict is over.” Indeed, Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness have had a private meeting with their ‘prince’, after Martin’s friend insisted that Gerry be allowed sit-in with Martin and the ‘prince’! Incidentally – and this is AN 1169 EXCLUSIVE!! – we can now reveal that part of that private meeting was in connection with the fact that ‘Prince’ Charles was about to have his secret Irish republican cover blown

Gerry (and Martin) are expected to apologise to the British for all the trouble that the Irish caused to London over the last eight centuries…..

The Republican Movement, on the other hand, remains firm and clear on where it stands in relation to those parasites, has not changed its position and is not likely to change its position until after the British military and political presence has been withdrawn and Westminster has ended its jurisdictional control in relation to any part of this country : “We’ve made it clear that representatives of the British state are not welcome in Ireland and that statement continues…” (…from here).
Others may fawn over that British taxpayer-funded family, but those of us with self-respect will always reject them and those like them.

The guns sound out in salute, the bells ring out in the air,

The royal Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to an heir!

Prince William and Kate are overjoyed and blissfully happy

They have their longed-for offspring – in a clean white nappy!

Welcome to the world baby boy, as at your mother’s breast you feed

You’ve been born into wealth and privilege, and will never encounter need.

Third in line to the British throne, weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces,

Delivered July 22 at 4.24 pm, the breathless Press announces.

“The birth of a Prince, our future monarch!” the tabloid headlines scream

While in blissful ignorance you close your eyes and dream.

You have nothing to disturb you, your future has been planned

You’re one of the House of Windsor, the rulers of the land.

One day of 16 countries you’ll become Head of State,Including Australia and Canada and Britain the Great.

The Head of the Commonwealth, of the Church, Governor Supreme.

But that’s all in the future, the pomp, honour and esteem.

Right now you’re just a baby, you know nothing of the world,

Only your mother’s closeness as at her breast you lie curled.

You have yet to learn of money and the power of the rich

For you life’ll be a bowl of cherries, for others it’s a bitch.

Although from a family neither aristocratic nor royal,

Your mummy too has never known hardship or toil.

Of upper middle class background, free from pecuniary cares

Her parents, ex flight staff Mike and Carole, are multi-millionaires.

You’ll get to see them often, but all of that’s to come.

And you’ll get to know Aunt Pippa, famous for her bum.

Not to mention Kate’s Uncle Gary and his Maison de Bang Bang.

(Maybe parties there in future with your elite little gang?)

Mum passes you to Prince William, who holds you gently in his hands

– Your Daddy who’s worth 40 million in investments, inheritance and lands.

As well as a Prince, he’s a Baron, Earl and Duke,

He pats you on your back as you have a quiet puke.

Yeah, forget the Middletons. The Windsors is the family that counts

For bringing in money and power in large amounts.

You’ve only been out of the womb a few hours since

And already you’ve been made of Cambridge the Prince!

You’ve already beat your Uncle Harry in line to the throne,

Just three deaths to come before it’s your own.

But playboy Harry need shed no tear,

He already makes 25 million a year.

Before your daddy, there’ll be funny Grandad Charlie as King

Crowned in Westminster Abbey with all that pomp and bling.

He’s been destined to be monarch from the moment of his birth.

And if daddy’s makes 40 million – what’s grandaddy worth?

With a property of 300 million pounds, he’s certainly a man of means,

But as he says: “So much I do is done behind the scenes.”

It’s rumored he’s the head of a rich organization called Foundation X,

Funded by banks, market manipulation and government lending excess.

He’s also said to have had an influence on many a government minister

With his secret ‘black spider memos’ giving advice in writing sinister.

On a different matter, another dark secret as yet to unravel

Is Prince Charles’ close friendship with paedo rapist Jimmy Saville.

By the way, that’s not your real grandma, the blonde woman by his side

Her name’s Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and she’s his second bride.

Your real grandma was Princess Diana, killed in a car crash in France.

Some say that the accident was planned and not just matter of chance.

But, ah! Here’s your great grandma! Her Highness Elizabeth, the ruler

She’s worth 44 billion. Could anything be cooler?

She’s the pinnacle of the Constitution,

Her face on every banknote – a living institution!

Judges, police and armed forces pledge allegiance to the Crown.

She’s the apex of aristocracy, of wealth and renown.

She has say when to begin and end wars

And one day my boy this power will be yours!

But what of the people you’re eventually to rule?

You should know about them to not look a fool.

Your birth is an important moment in the life of our nation

What about the people, and what’s their situation?

Well, while your pampered royal family sit cozy on their butts

The people of Britain suffer vicious drastic cuts

Benefits stopped, services scrapped, a state of dire recession

While the fawning Press focus adoring eyes on the third in line to succession.

Thousands sleep homeless on the street

Children don’t have enough to eat

Prices rise, wages go down

A smile is rarer than a frown.

Things are so bad for many that they’re almost unendurable

And yet don’t forget that they’re far from incurable.

All of this misery and want could be easily erased

With just half the money the Royals have saved.

Against this unfairness there’s only one solution

The people must unite and have a revolution.

So, New Born Royal Baby, I pray your first words be –

Loud and clear now, let me hear – “ABOLISH THE MONARCHY!”

(from here.)

Thanks for reading, Sharon.

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