Comforting to know that this wee blog continues to be read far and wide. Since our earlier post tonight re ‘a split in Dublin Mid-West RSF..’ our text machine has run out of ticker tape(!), the incoming emails have burned out the hard drive and the sim card in our mobile phone has gone on strike! Friends, supporters, comrades and colleagues from all four provinces here in Ireland, from Scotland, America and Australia (so far, and it’s early yet!) have contacted us, directly and indirectly, to inquire as to the nature of the ‘split’ but, in fairness, most of those in Dublin who contacted us, and a good few of those from the Leinster area, read between the lines and knew where we were coming from as they, too, are aware of the necessity for RSF to ‘cover’ the two important protests (Dublin city centre and Dublin Mid-West area) that are being held, miles apart, at the same time and on the same day – Saturday 23rd January next – in connection with the unjust double water tax issue. And any group, including RSF members in Dublin Mid-West (as good and all as they are!) would not, obviously, be able to be in two places at the one time unless…they split their numbers to ensure that both events could be covered!

And there you have it : that’s the reason for the ‘split’, and the above-mentioned areas are where each ‘faction’ will be. Until after each protest, that is, when they’ll be meeting back up in Dublin Mid-West for the customary few pints! Conspiracy theorists and plain old-fashioned ne’er-do-wells among you MUST check back tomorrow night for even more mystery and suspense!

See you then, Sharon.



About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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