This young boy didn’t follow the ‘straight line’ that the political establishment wanted…

Heard about the Blueshirt debt collector, a Dundalk tout and two IRA men…? // this woman had everything going for her but her hatred of injustice prevented her from benefiting from her good fortune…// this powerhouse of a man rambled about the place in a trance, couldn’t dress himself properly, looked very uncomfortable with and within himself and shouted at himself constantly – but his political thesis amazed those who weren’t good enough to mock him…// this IRA man thought the British were out for justice but soon discovered it was revenge they wanted…// Bobby Sands – no straight line to Stormont…

Check in with us again on Wednesday 9th March 2016.

Thanks, Sharon.



About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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