..are the preparations that have to be made before you go, in relation to the ‘life’ you’re temporarily leaving and the ‘life’ you’re temporarily entering, and the fact that you have to play ‘catch-up’ when you return. And more so, on both counts, when it’s a five-week holiday you’re taking, and even more so again when you’re a mother who works outside the home as well as in it.

But the five of us planned and plotted every move within an inch of its life and then, naturally (!) cut corners and muddled through as we had to in order to secure our five-week break and now, having returned to the ‘life’ we temporarily left, we are having to once again cut corners and muddle through as best we can and accept the fact that we can no longer decide to people-watch in Central Park and/or watch the sun rise during a rooftop party in the Bronx and/or hangout for a few hours with friends in Marcus Park in Harlem and/or dance with the Devil (retired!) on the boardwalk at Coney Island and the hours spent with the chess players in Union Square Park and the dozens of other treats we afforded ourselves on a daily basis. And we’re still rebelling against having to live within the confines of this ‘life’ even as we make ourselves do so, consoling ourselves at every juncture with the knowledge that we’re not finished by a long shot with our New York adventures. Just temporarily so…

Anyway : back to blog business – before our holiday we discovered that we had been nominated in the ‘best current affairs/political blog’ category in the 2016 Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards competition and, on our return from New York, discovered that we had somehow made it as far as the ‘shortlist’ for that category and, in the last few days, have noticed that this wee blog has managed to make it to the ‘finals’! The competition will be held on Thursday 15th September 2016 in Dún Laoire, Dublin but, win or lose, we thank all those who voted for us and got us this far, as it’s nice to know that our readers appreciate the political message that we promote here. And, if we lose, all those who voted against us will be introduced to our new friends from Coney Island…!

Thanks for reading ; we’ll be back soon to our usual output but, for now, anyway, the five-hour time difference and the need to get back to our overall ‘normal’ day-to-day operations are battling with our objections and unwillingness to do so. And the latter feeling will get an award for the way it’s winning…!

Slán go fóill anois, Sharon.



About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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