There’s a ton of ‘The Twist’ but we’re fresh out of ‘Stout’*

Like a death in the hall that you hear through your wall

New York, I love you, but you’re freakin’ me out..”
(from here, slightly edited*..!)

And we’re gonna be freaked out for four weeks – flying out from Dublin airport to JFK on Saturday 21st July 2018, and flying back to Dublin on Saturday, 18th August ; myself and the usual gang, five of us, have been saving for and planning this holiday since our last visit to that city in 2016, and everything fell into place for us a few weeks ago!

Ed Norton has a point but maybe that’s why we love the place – the people, the stressed pace they live at, the constant noise, the smells, the arrogance, the sights, the attitudes of the different people that surround us, everyone trying to sell you something : those that are living (or existing in) Ed’s rant, and have no choice about it, compared to the five of us who are just ‘passing through’. Oh but what a pleasure it is, just passing through!

Two of our many New York friends, Kevin and Mal, have insisted that we stay in an empty apartment they own in East Harlem, a beautiful residence which we have had the pleasure of staying in before and where we met (and made) new and old neighbours, with whom we shared sight-seeing trips, park visits, outings to pubs and clubs and a roof-top party (or two..!). Then, for our second week, we’ll be in an apartment in the Bronx, thanks to Shay and Emma, and Pat, Frankie and Sam will again (!) no doubt take on the role of ‘minders’ in futile attempts to stop us from wrecking havoc in the Bronx Mall and Yankee Stadium, then, after causing all that chaos, layin’ low in the Bronx Zoo ’till the heat dies down…!

For our third week we’ll be staying in Hell’s Kitchen, in a three-bed duplex, courtesy of Liz and Susie and their families and their neighbours and their roof-partying crazy friends and then, finally (sh*t..is it that time already…?), for our last week, we’ll be in Queen’s, shopping, partying and sight-seeing with Kevin, Heno, Mel, Larry and their lady friends, and most of our travelling for the four weeks will be done, we have been told (!) in the company of Joel and his trusted steed!
And, as usual, in that last week, the whole lot of us, from all four areas
(numbering about fifty people!) will meet up in the early afternoon and literally take over a pub (owned by one of our benefactors!) and we’ll eat, drink and party there until late morning the following day! We are really looking forward to that get-together, a ‘date’ to be spoiled only by the fact that it takes place during our last week.

And then home. To our partners, our kids and grandkids, our jobs, our (other) friends and neighbours…and our pics, our memories and the souvenirs we will treasure from the month we spent in New York, in 2018. And then the saving begins again for our next journey to that mad city. But, anyway – for now : this will have to do as our ‘holding post’ until either the 22nd or the 29th August 2018, when I should be ready to put something together (but that, too, will more than likely reference New York..!)

Thanks for reading, Sharon.

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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