The Cabhair Swim site, 3rd Lock, Inchicore, Dublin, pictured at 9am on Christmas Day, 2018.

A swim in the foggy dew – not really, as it had cleared-up by about 10.30am, when we got there, but the Cabhair Crew, who arrived on site at about 8.30am to begin assembling all the paraphernalia that goes with an ‘outdoor gig’ of this size, told us that visibility was only about fifteen feet, due to the heavy fog, until about half ten, when it lifted – but they were delighted that it wasn’t raining, like last year, when all of us on-lookers got as wet as the swimmers!

Anyway – enough with the weather report : by the time we got there, the Crew were putting the finishing touches to the event, passers-by, on foot and in cars etc, were stopping for a chat and a mince pie and a few sweets and/or a drink (and not only lemonade, God bless their constitution!) and the scene was starting to buzz.

A Cabhair donation tin and some of the ‘goodies’, which those present helped themselves to.

The Cabhair Swim heating system ; not 100% efficient but, according to the swimmers, better than nothin’!

And then the fun (!) began : the Crew had to forcibly stop all six swimmers from jumping in at the same time (yeah, right…) and straws were drawn…

..resulting in one brave man (the ‘winner’ of the shortest straw competition!) ‘volunteering’ to test the waters for his comrades!

‘Short Straw’ was then joined by two more swimmers.. of whom made a break for dry land..

..but took the scenic route back..

 give one of the lads a hand out!

And, finally, with the help of a sharp instrument –

– the six swimmers were corralled around the fire to have their picture taken :

And then all six were escorted off the premises and the rest of us had a party. Couldn’t let them stay, as they were dripping like mad yokes all over the beer, the cider and the ‘goodies’. But they were allowed to keep the T-shirts, and told to behave themselves next year…!

Thanks to Cabhair for putting the event together – for the 42nd consecutive year – and a BIG ‘GRMA’ to the swimmers and their sponsors, and to the on-lookers ; couldn’t have done it without ya!

Thanks for reading, Sharon.

About 11sixtynine

A mother of three (and a Granny!) and a political activist , living in Dublin , Ireland.
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