From ‘The United Irishman’ newspaper, December 1954.

“It is the responsibility of the people of Ireland to see to it that those ‘elected representatives’ who claim to act in their name do not sabotage the efforts of the inheritors of the Fenian faith in what will, with God’s help, be the last and victorious phase of a struggle that has lasted only too long.

Recent military operations carried out by the Irish Republican Army have been condemned by certain politicians as “isolated acts of violence” etc but the point, which has apparently been lost on those who condemn, is that these operations were not carried out for propaganda purposes. The successful raid in Armagh and the unsuccessful, but by no means discreditable operation, in Omagh, were made solely for the purpose of capturing arms from the enemy for use in the hands of those who are pledged to fight the British. If sufficient financial support were forthcoming it would not be necessary to resort to such hazardous means to arm the resurgent youth of Ireland. But until that support is available it will be necessary to risk the lives, limbs and liberty of our bravest sons to replace the deficiency.

In spite of the condemnations of the politicians, in spite of the doubts of the ‘elected representatives’, there must be some spark deep down in the soul of every Irishman worthy of the name, which burst into flame at the proof that the age-old enemy had once more misjudged the temper of the men of Ireland and that there are rising up among them young men of the same calibre as those who stood in *the Bearna Baoghaol (*’the gap’) in every generation..”


By Seán O Donáile, from ‘USI News’, February 1989.

The name ‘Tony Gregory’ (pictured) was virtually unheard of outside Dublin before 1982 when he was elected as an independent TD (sic) in Dublin Central, a post he still holds. He made national headlines with the famous ‘Gregory Deal’ in the same year when, in return for his support, the Fianna Fáil Government pumped £76 million into the redevelopment of inner city housing. In a frank interview with Seán O Donáile, Tony Gregory muses on the subjects of Dress, Politics, Drugs, Aids, Education, Emigration, the National Question, an Ghaeilge and the Millennium.

So does Tony Gregory think that the IRA have the right idea? “I think the Provisionals are irrelevant for the reason that they have no real grasp of the socio-economic realities in Ireland today. If they had carried out a military struggle against military targets, they would have a great deal more support. Enniskillen pales in comparison to some of their atrocities committed over the last twenty years. But when you condemn the Provisionals you ignore the root causes of their existence, which is the military occupation of the six counties, and a struggle is inevitable because of that.”

From the infamous coffin ships right up to the present day, the Irish have left in droves and a ‘Paddy’ can be found in every corner of the globe, be it at ‘The National’ in Kilburn, the ‘Corrib’ in Boston or in the West Indies, where they were brought in Cromwellian times to pick crops and were nicknamed ‘The White Niggers’.

Tony Gregory believes that emigration has, and is being used, as a ‘safety valve’ : “The huge emigration of the 1950’s was used as such. It prevented any sort of radical political development in the country, because the people worst affected left. It has made the country more inherently conservative and now, not only are people leaving, but they are being encouraged to leave by politicians and their like..” (MORE LATER.)


From ‘The United Irishman’ newspaper, January 1955.

There stands today in Manchester, in Moston Cemetery, a monument to their memory. This tribute was erected by a united effort from every county in Ireland, but stone is a cold tribute to our patriot dead ; these men warrant more than a lifeless edifice. Those who gave their lives for Ireland deserve the only really fitting monument to their patriotism – a united Irish republic.

This, however, can only be the result of a united effort of Irishmen everywhere ; he who does nothing is responsible for the delay in the recognition of that aim.

God save Ireland!

(END of ‘The Noble-Hearted Four’ ; NEXT – Letter to The Editor from the editor of ‘Resurgent Ulster’, from the same source.)

Thanks for reading, Sharon.

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