From ‘The United Irishman’ newspaper, December 1954.

“The people of Ireland have a decision to make ; let them think well on it, because they will stand at the bar of history to answer for it and let it not be said of this generation that they failed those who once again have hurled defiance at the crumbling ramparts of that imperial and blood-stained power which for so long has kept our country under the iron heel of oppression.

England still holds part of our land by force and, in the eight hundred years of occupation, never once has she given the slightest measure of amelioration except under force or the threat of force.

The dispassionate logical conclusion to be drawn from the history of the two countries is that Ireland can only achieve unity and freedom when the whole people of Ireland tell the British Army to get out or be driven out…” (MORE LATER.)


By Seán O Donáile, from ‘USI News’, February 1989.

The name ‘Tony Gregory’ (pictured) was virtually unheard of outside Dublin before 1982 when he was elected as an independent TD (sic) in Dublin Central, a post he still holds. He made national headlines with the famous ‘Gregory Deal’ in the same year when, in return for his support, the Fianna Fáil Government pumped £76 million into the redevelopment of inner city housing. In a frank interview with Seán O Donáile, Tony Gregory muses on the subjects of Dress, Politics, Drugs, Aids, Education, Emigration, the National Question, an Ghaeilge and the Millennium.

Tony Gregory continues by saying that the Millennium was celebrated at the worst possible time – “…for that reason it was a mistake. But if you look at it in the context that communities have benefited from it, it shouldn’t be downgraded completely.”

Gaeilge – amach, amach! Le teacht 1992 deirtear nach bhfuil gá le gaeilge. Ní aontaíonn an polaiteoir leis an tuairim sin : “Ní féidir leis an Stáit neamart ghlán a dhéanamh ar an teanga de dheasca votaí. De bharr sin tugann siad ‘bealgrá’ don Ghaeilge ach níl said i ndáiríre faoi.

Dúirt Mairtín Ó Caidaín sna seascaidí go raibh an Gaeilge ag fail bháis agus bhí an ceart aige. Anois tá níos mo gaeilgeóirí I mBaile Átha Cliath na atá sna Gaeltachtaí agus is mór an trua e sin. Tá mionlach an-bheag anois ag cosaint an Ghaeilge agus is déisteanach é sin. Níl aon dabht gur saibhreas mór é d’aon naisiún agus is tragóid mór é d’aon tír saibhreas mar sin a chaillúint.”

(END of ‘Street Talk’ ; NEXT – ‘Manus in a Pickle(s)’, from 1987.)


From ‘The United Irishman’ newspaper, January 1955.

“To The Editor,

The United Irishman.

A Chara,

England’s satellites at Stormont have at last struck officially at the republican publications and the only two official republican newspapers, viz., ‘The United Irishman’ and ‘Resurgent Ulster’, are now being prevented from circulating freely in British occupied territory in the six North-East counties of Ulster.

Britain’s henchmen at Stormont, with Messrs. Hanna and Warnock being dictated to by the Annalong-Dungiven bigots, whose spokesman is the Ulster Protestant Leaguer, Mr N. Porter MP, are determined to use any measure to silence the voice of free, republican Ireland in our northern territory. Of course we have met with such coercive methods before, but we believe that such coercion should be effectively countered by those who believe in the republican ideal.

We are confident that the leadership of the IRA will deal effectively with their end of it, but the ordinary people (sic) should also be given an opportunity to join in such counter methods – and one such weapon is the weapon of boycott used so effectively against the north in the four glorious years. Sinn Féin must lead the way in this…” (MORE LATER.)


…but definitely NOT jobless!

Our first ‘job’, which we began work on yesterday (Tuesday, 5th November), is a 650-ticket raffle for the Dublin Executive of RSF, which will be held on Sunday, 10th November 2019, in a hotel on the Dublin-Kildare border ; the paperwork etc for how that ‘gig’ went will be double-checked on Monday evening (11th November) in a Dublin city centre venue, which means that we will not have enough time to get a blog post ready for Wednesday, 13th November.

Our second ‘job’, already started, involves helping-out with the behind-the-scenes work entailed in organising the yearly Ard Fheis , which will take place in a Dublin venue, over the weekend of the 16th and 17th of this month…

..and our third (and final!) ‘gig’ which, again, we have already started, is in connection with the 43rd successive Cabhair Swim (1976-2019) ; this fund-raiser will be taking place, as usual, on Christmas Day, and a fair bit of organising goes into it, by the committee involved, and we’re helping them to distribute leaflets (pictured) and sponsorship cards, collecting the Christmas Day ‘goodies’, which are donated by the local shops, pubs and businesses, organising lifts there and back etc.


We hope to back here on Wednesday, 20th November 2019 but, that being only a few days after the Ard Fheis will have concluded – and with the Swim work still on-going – we can’t be 100% sure yet, at this stage, but please do check back with us between now and then, as we could just find a couple of hours to put a little offering together!

Thanks for reading – see you later on in November, Sharon.

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