‘ ‘Monday, 21st September 2020, 9.35pm – RTÉ Investigates Whistleblowers: ‘Fighting to be Heard’ ; Barry O’Kelly reports on the importance of whistleblowers to society and the price they often pay for speaking out..’

…and there is a ‘price’ for speaking out, but it’s a price worth paying.

We have mentioned this local act of in-house vandalism (to put it mildly) a few times already on the blog and are availing of the above-mentioned RTE programme to do so again, in the hope that it may offer warning signs to look out for if you or yours find yourself in such an unfortunate position. It’s in connection with a family here in the Clondalkin, Dublin, area who are splintered beyond repair because of the unbelievable actions of two family members and their families, due to their own greediness.

The elderly husband and wife, both deceased now, God Bless them, were a truly beautiful couple and were well known in the Clondalkin area, for their friendly, chatty, helpful nature, and were much loved and respected by all who had the pleasure to know them. The greed that was publicly displayed by two of their daughters, and their families, knocked everyone here in the area for six and, even now – nine years after the Gentleman passed away and three years after his Lady wife was re-united with him beyond the stars – tensions between the ‘evil’ and the decent side of the families involved are still raw, and all because of the little money, and their bungalow, that the couple actually had left when they passed.

About €73,000 – the couple’s life savings – was spent by the two daughters on themselves over a four-year period, €3,500 was taken from the couple’s Credit Union (and spent in Boston, on a holiday, by one of the daughters and her family), household bills were left unpaid etc etc ; it was harrowing to hear about it and to witness, in public, the very real anger of the wrongdoers when they realised they had been caught and then copped-on to the fact that there would be no going back to the ‘old’, money-no-object ways, for them. Their anger exploded on the streets and in the pubs of the area, blood and drink was spilt, the cops were involved and legal offices were brought into play. But the decent side of the family won out in the end, 100%, over the nasty side of that same family, but they had to fight for their victory, legally and physically, although morally they had already won.

If you’re reading this, and you have an elderly parent or parents, and you have siblings, please remember that it won’t always be strangers from outside the family that pose the potential threat.

“…after my Nana died (in February 2017) it transpired that my two robbing Aunties and one of their daughters, ‘EM’ had, in 2014, taken my poor Nana to a solicitor where she was instructed to sign and date some legal papers, which she did ’cause she “didn’t want to make a fuss”. Those legal papers turned out to be a Will, which Nana didn’t know anything about and was never given a copy of for herself (neither was either of my Uncles, who knew nothing about it at the time) and in that Will one of my Aunties, ‘M’, had named herself as the sole executor of my Nana’s property, including the bungalow that Nana and my Grandad lived in. My two Uncles had always been named as joint executors in the Will(s) that my Nana and Grandad had made up to that point.

But that so-called 2014 Will troubled my Nana to the extent that she asked my Uncle ‘S’ to take her to a different solicitor, which he did, and she made a proper Will, in which the two robbing Aunties were left less than anyone else and my two Uncles were again named as joint executors. All this only became known after my Nana died and my two Aunties (and their families) are very very sore about it and that robbing side of the family actually started a fist fight with one of my two Uncles at a 60th birthday party that they all happened to be at. The robbers lost that fight, just as they had lost out in their plan to take over my Nana’s and Grandad’s bungalow and property and, on another occasion, an attempt was made to physically prevent one of my Uncles from leaving his late Dad and Mam’s house, and that resulted in another punch-up, which the thieving side of the family also lost….”

This is the blog in question ; it’s a heart-breaking read, but it may just save other blogs like it having to be written in the future.

Thanks for reading,


We’ll be back here on Wednesday, 23rd September 2020.

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